Postcrossing sending limit

Agreed. They’ve already spoken out against most of these things so I doubt they would be allowed. I’m sure if there ever was any kind of payment for more slots it would come with the same things we agree to now : to send a card to address we get, whoever and wherever they may be.

having limits probably also contributes to the quality of the text one writes on each card. i can send 20+ cards, and i noticed that now that i can do that many i tend to draw a few addresses at a time. and then im faced with a task of reviewing each profile, picking a most appropriate card from my stash (thus, going though a whole bunch of cards), going though my stamps, trying to pick the ones receipient might like, and then writing something hopefully interesting… and this takes surprisingly a lot of time. so, i often find myself cutting down on writing part, just writing similar text on each card (usually about my city, or card’s image). but after writing 3-4 similar non-personalized texts i feel like im not having fun doing postcrossing. and feeling never existed when i could only do 10 or so cards. so, like most people with higher limits who commented above i too almost never max out


There is a post in the forum right now where someone suggests doing just that if you draw a Russian address.

I was shocked, and flagged it, but a week later it’s still up. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been removed, unless it’s just that it’s near the end of a long post, and not enough people have read far enough to flag it?


@Tara_Bell - that absolutely breaks my heart. :frowning:

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I propose members get an extra slot on their anniversaries, that would be a nice way to celebrate!


How, exactly, does one bypass an “undesired” recipient?

If you follow the rules there is no way. When you pull an address you agree to send a card.

Of course, I’m sure people sometimes get profiles they don’t want to send to for whatever reason and simply don’t send the card. But again, against the rules.


By breaking the rules they agreed to when they joined Postcrossing.

Someone pulls an address, then fails to actually mail a card to that person, meaning the member who’s address they pulled never gets the card they were owed :worried:

Fortunately such despicable behavior is fairly rare on Postcrossing, so in general the system works. If too many people cheated like that, the whole thing would probably fall apart.

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Thanks - I’d never refuse to send a card to anyone. At worst I’d send a card I disliked with the famous Happy Postcrossing! message if I took a dislike to the profile.


Why is it always people with very large numbers of slots who don’t have problem with newer members limits ?
Listen to how patronising you sound. People just want to join in/send the cards they have bought.
If you’ve been active some time with 11 slots you can go weeks without being able to draw a slot with several heading to expiry.
Forum Round Robin are great if you are happy sending to the same people over time but they ARE different…


Perhaps sending limit can be made various based on countries, especially for new postcrossers (like less than 20 cards sent). Some countries have faster and reliable service, some countries have slower service (maybe postcrossing have average data stats of how may days travelling cards sent from country X, Y, X) . But the sending limit will be made equally regardless of the country of origin after these new postcrossers find their consistency

New postcrossers from European country like Germany for example, will have higher chance to have their cards registered faster than new postcrossers from China.

I know patience is a virtue, but for for some new postcrossers especially who joined during the pandemic (with slower service & more restrictions) it can be discouraging for them to check back their account, the worst is : they won’t come back

It’s discriminative tho, since postcrossers can’t be ‘limited’ because of their postal service reliability


Agreed. I also think that the “Go to number 1 to receive more postcards!” sentence on the sign up page doesn’t help. In fact, I think it encourages such competitive behaviour.

I’m from the opinion that limits are good. I do agree with the fact that new postcrossers could have a little more on their plate, though. I also believe that the limit should stop eventually instead of always being increasing (even if at a “lower rate”). I mean, why having 100 available slots?! Doesn’t really make much sense to me… at one point it starts to be a competition, not a stress-free hobbie, I guess.

At the moment I can send 15 cards, but I only have 2 travelling. I decided to adopt the one-at-time philosophy where I only ask for a new address after I have taken care of the previous one. In the past I would ask for more than one address at the time too. In vacations and travel mode I might do it sometimes - last bunch was in December when I was in Portugal and I regretted it. :sweat_smile:Work in progress.
This has more to do with my own mental energy, so in the end I guess people will find their way to send (or not send) postcards and to deal with the limit, whatever it is. :slightly_smiling_face: I do understand the urge to keep clicking on the button to ask for addresses but that can quickly become overwhelming instead of fun.


Oh wow, I never noticed that, but totally agree with you! Maybe it should be changed to “continue to send postcards to receive more postcards”? Something like that as, in my opinion, this isn’t a competition!

To the topic, I agree with the limit, as I remember when i started I didn’t send all 5 cards at once - I didn’t know Postcrossing, I wondered if I would receive real postcards, how it would work and so on, so I really don’t understand persons who are willing to send 10 or 20 postcards at once, without receiving any (without really know the system works). Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m glad that limit exist, and don’t have any problem if I could send less postcards actually.


i have to admit i never had a problem with waiting for open slots. i only write cards when i have a day off and time to write some cards (so i guess not as often as some other people), and i get quite a lot of addresses to germany since i have repeated countries on. so everytime i’m sitting down to write cards some of the cards i’ve sent out a few days/a week before already arrived.
if i still only had 5 open slots right now i would write a bit less but it would still be very doable for me.
i totally understand cards don’t arrive that fast for everyone, so i guess it’s a bit of an unfair difference, but i wouldn’t know how to even that out fairly.

side note: i only write 3 or 4 cards on one day, as it takes time to write a card and i have more things to do. some people apparently request 23 addresses and write happy postcrossing on all of them. that’s no fun for me.


I just noticed it recently too when I was inviting someone to join Postcrossing. Somehow it just doesn’t feel right reading it. I think your suggestion would work way better - it’s more inviting and less competitive!

P.S, I love your new username. Bom dia for you too! :smiley:

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Well, I have 100 slots (but usually have much fewer cards traveling) and I do not feel as if I’m competing with anyone. :woman_shrugging: I never even look at the rankings and I’m not sure why you would assume this to be the case.


Never said you were and I didn’t assume anything (not generally at least). I was replying to fellow postcrosser Flamey and commenting on the feeling of lack-of-quality messages of some of the ones with higher limits + the ones who feel like it becomes a competition. Didn’t say it was everyone.

I still think it is too much (for me), but perhaps my thought was lost in translation.

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For they all went through this and know what they are talking about! It’s that simple!


In both ways! Your suggestion discriminates Germans for having a good postal service, for we are not guilty of China postal service needing forever to handle the mail.


Theoretically it is a discrimination to postcrossers not only from Germany but also Europe since their cards will travel among other European postcrossers, and they’ll have more spots available faster (faster cards registered)

My suggestion isn’t based on discrimination but rather hoping for something for postcrossers especially new ones from the place with slow postal service. It’s never been someone or something’s fault. After all, I thought many postcrossers want more varieties of countries in postcrossing so perhaps the idea could make new postcrossers stay active