Postcrossing meetups — what do you do at yours!?!

I’ve been to several meetups through the years I’ve been a Postcrosser so far but I’m wondering …

Other than singing hundreds (or thousands) of postcards, what do you do at your meetups??


Eat, chat, get to know people… Sometimes there is a common activity like a visit to a museum.


Practice becomming invincible.

Sorry bad joke, I never went to one. I would maybe like to go to one once, but I live in the deep south of my country. Not a lot of meetups there. I could join a German one, as Germany is closer to me, but my German is not really that great.

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The ones I’ve been to are usually visiting shops, then go somewhere to eat, chat and write & sign cards.
More and more meetups include (optional) activities like guided city tours.
Some are for special events like visiting a mail sorting center or visiting a local fun fair/carnival.
And in Germany we have the awesome Bielefeld meeting which is for a whole weekend, where we enjoy joint meals and then everyone gets to do whatever they like, from geocaching to crafting to playing board games. There is a lottery and of course, many MANY cards being swapped, bought and written!


I attended my very first meetup on the World Postcard Day in my city in Japan. 5 people gathered; it was a picnic-styled mini-meetup. We introduced each other, chatted with a drink and snacks and we signed on postcards. It is a season for roses here now, so we also enjoyed looking at them near to where we sat :rose:


Meeting, chatting, shopping / visiting museums (exhibitions, galleries, whatever), eating, signing. But the most important: laughing and having fun.

I’ve been very nervous when I attended my first Meetup in early 2014. But @manu86 made it very easy to feel very well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And today she’s one of my closest friends.
That’s another very important point: Meeting people and becoming friends :busts_in_silhouette:


Melbourne: signing cards and chatting mainly :slight_smile: It’s very casual and everyone is super friendly.


I like the idea of singing postcards! :grinning:


I only attended one meeting and it was for Postcrossers who also like geocaching and crafting so that is what we did :relaxed:


I can say the same. It’s always fun to meet you for something like shopping or only to spent time in the garden.

My first meet up was 2013. And I was nervous, too. But the community is so helpful, funny to become a big family. Of course some you see and it’s ok and some you see often, also without meet ups and cards become to only a little part of the friendship.

I remembering on my cruises 2017 with @xtlera, 2018 with @Jannchen87 and @friesendeern 2019.


It’s usually 99% signing hundreds of postcards then people browse the free postcards table, eating breaks, etc. Some conversations throughout the duration of the meetup. I do plan to incorporate more activities like factory tours, museum visits, postcard making sessions, games, etc.

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bird watching, driving boat, observing fishermen’s activities, planting mangroves, souvenirs distribution for participants, and signing postcards.


We recently had the first meetup in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Since it was our first time, we introduced ourselves, cleared some common postal doubts, took pictures, signed cards, and shared beverages. A good ol’ fashioned first meetup! :heart: :grin:


We usually start the meetup with a tour of the city or a visit to a museum / attraction. Then we go to the restaurant and sign postcards, chat, exchage small gifts (free cards, stationary…), have fun :slight_smile:

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You could still join. A lot of Germans are speaking English.


@Ezredax does the best meetups in the world in the US! She does them inside of postcard shows. I signed a lot of her cards and spoke with her sister who was a hoot and a half.