Postcrossing Meet-up Card Trade from China

I’m from China, want to swap other countries’ meet-up card. if you are interested in our cards, please contact me, thank you!!

If you want to swap more than one postcard,
please don’t put them into one envelope.
Write and stamp for each postcard,
and i’ll do the same for you! Thank you for swapping!



The one with the pink flowers and the bee is beautiful, sadly I do not have any meet-up cards to trade. Great cards though!

other handsome card is also OK! you can send me the pic. in DM! Thank you!

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let me know if you want any from taiwan

That’s OK, can I have a look about the pic.?

wow, many of these are beautiful !

foot is not available for swap :smile:

you’re so humorous! :upside_down_face:

I have all the cards. do you have any other cards for swap?

My offer

I can’t open the link, you could tell me what you want to swap first.
Then send me a screen capture picture in DM.
Thank you!

This is my meetup card offer

Can I swap with this one?

I think this one is OK.

I have checked your offer, I choose 6 pieces of postcards.
So tell me which postcards of mine you want to swap?
Thank you!

Phelps Kwok

I am not home. i will check this weekend and come back to you!


That’s OK, I look forward to you reply!
Thank you!