Postcrossers in your area

I’m just curious. Has anyone ever found a postcrosser in their own city? Once I did I direct swap with someone from Eugene, Oregon. That’s the closest I’ve found. Have you ever done a swap with someone super close to you? I’m pretty sure you don’t get assigned people in your general area? But I don’t know


Many of them, our local group of postcrossers is great. You can search members in your area using the tool Explore > Search > filter by location
You can get assigned everyone, why should your area be excluded?


Oh cool. I didn’t know that

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We have WhatsApp group for Postcrosser in our city

Actually you can’t get someone from your city on the official site.

But anyway, I once swapped with someone from my city on the forum. I could’ve just put the envelope into her mailbox myself, but I sent it through the mail anyway. :smiley:

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yes, did some tags, delivering it by bike and did put 3 cards instead of one which I would have sent :wink:

It seems like I am the only active Postcrosser in my province. Others haven’t logged in during the past year(s).

Once I was hosting a swap on another site and roommates got partnered. There wasn’t many people joining in anyway so it was quite high possibility, but still surprise that they got partnered to each other. Not sure if they actually sent the mail or just handed it over, I never asked about that.

I’m not sure how exactly is this defined, that’s why I used the term area. I once got a member who is 54km away who I also know personally.
Do you know where can I find more information about this? I’m just curious about it. I can’t find it in FAQ or community guidelines. Thank you!

Actually, the site says: In Postcrossing, the destination of a postcard is selected randomly among all accounts in the system ( so I’m not sure your city is excluded

I think it’s been said here in the forum, maybe it was @meiadeleite ?
Also, since the distance is always calculated from the city center, the traveled distance would be shown as 0. :thinking:
The shortest distance I had was to and from my neighbour city:


In direct swaps and tag games I have sent to my own city and the surrounding villages multiple times. For the official part it’s not possible to sent within your city. I would be very disappointed and somewhat scared when a stranger would just drop it in my mailbox instead of mailing it…


I have never actually sent postcards through my city although I’ve very well written letters to my friends and send them through other friends who were going to see them. I used to do this regularly at the junior high school xD
However I have sent to Athens which is pretty close since my first penpal was a girl from the summer camp.
It’d be interesting to send in my area but Greece doesn’t have that many Postcrossers and except my teacher who introduced me to the project and my twin sister there probably aren’t any other members around xD

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The city center is used in the map on your profile. I think the distance traveled is the real distance between the adresses

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Really? I’d be super interested in that question! Maybe the admins can shine some light on this. :smiley:

Not in my own village, I am the only one, but I have met someone in the next village. She lives about 10km from my home, we have met via postcrossing (in a dutch facebook group about postcrossing) and we have become good friends. We even have a mini-meeting sometimes. It’s a real postcrossing-friendship :smile:


All my cards to Moscow have traveled 2079 km, so I don’t think that’s true.

I know there’s a postcrosser living more or less around the corner from me, because I once had a card addressed to him in my mailbox, which I then walked over and dropped into his mailbox. But that is the extent of my contact with local postcrossers.

In your address settings, there’s a field for “city/place” - I think that’s what is used to prevent people from the same town getting each others’ addresses. I remember a case from the old forum where someone drew the address of their girlfriend who she was living with. There was general amazement until it turned out they had used different towns from that drop-down menu as their little village wasn’t listed and they had chosen different places as being the closest to it. At least that’s how I remember it.


So there is no way to find out if someone is near? I don’t want to stalk their adress, just to know if it would be reasonable to start a group meetup or something like that

As mentioned above this is how to find someone near

Pick your city and click search


thanks a lot now i got it. I find it kind of confusing with the Forum part of the page and the main page

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Yes, I also found a few and we meet every now and than. Unfortunately since Covid, we could not see eachother.