Postcards should be sent!

Many people don’t send Cards anymore which I think is strange! Every time I get a card I am so happy. It is just so much more than a Text.
It’s no wonder that less people send cards, because phones are so important nowadays and it’s easier to send a text. How do you feel about this?


Other than here, I much prefer electronic communications right now. I’m waiting for half my Christmas presents still because Finland doesn’t want to ship them to me. Not a single valentines card got through from there. Postal workers are ill and struggling and having to do deliveries on Sundays too to catch up. Why would I send my mother a letter when I could WhatsApp her instantly right now?


I wish more people realised you can do both. I like to communicate online or by phone, but also send a card or letter when I feel like it. Sometimes you want the instant response, sometimes you just want to bring a smile to someone.


Understandable, but you missed my point!
I said that for instance when I‘m on vacation I like sending and receiving cards from others. It’s my personal opinion that I like receiving birthday or Christmas cards. I think it’s exciting
Of course I also send a WhatsApp to family or friends! It’s not like that but I mean Postcrossing is cool cause you can send and receive cards


Also: Finland has a better postal system than Germany. Here you have to wait ages for a delivery

On average yes, and within Finland definitely. The postal links between Finland and the UK are barely limping along right now. No flights means no post already and then you have to add all the customs trouble caused by Brexit. There are major delays in parcel post and while letter post is moving it is very slow. I am far from the only one still waiting.

While I think paper post is great, right now it is very inconsiderate to send it. I still send cards here but that is it.

Yeah I get you

I think letters and postcards are best for some occasions while emails, phone calls, and quick messages are good for others, and neither cancels the other. I have realized along the years that conversational correspondence is not my thing. I don’t have patience for it and I completely forget what I already told in previous letter so it is just not good at all. So for updating my friends and family of what is going on with me and my life, the faster ways are better.

But sometimes we exchange cards (and gifts) with friends and family too, although we keep almost daily connection at the same time. So important things and “daily happenings” goes with quick messages, occasional greetings with postcards. The quality of the messages are yet another thing. I am known to send my friends cards that only say “lol” or “did you know eyebrows DO GROW BACK???”

Postcards do have their special charm, but I am just as excited about socializing by email or quick message as I am about postcards.


I totally agree on that

There is no question that the volume of postcards being mailed has decreased dramatically in recent years. If you are looking at the travel/ memories aspect of it, a traveler can take a picture on their phone, append a text message to it and off it goes. When I travel, I take a number of pictures on my phone. BUT I always buy a number of postcards as well, depending on availability. Even so, many millions of postcards are mailed each year.

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Sadly, some people have never sent or received a postcard in their lives.
I had a Skype Romanian lesson this morning and my tutor had me talk about my hobbies.
When I mentioned postcards and showed her the Postcrossers website, she loved the idea and said she’d like to join it too, because she has hardly ever sent or received a postcard.
When I went to school, I would always send postcards to my classmates during the summer holidays. Nowadays, friends just send instant messages. It’s sad, indeed…


I always send postcards when we’re on holiday and encourage my children to do so as well. So my 6-year-old daughter and three friends of her always send postcards to one another from their holidays.
Sadly apart from that we only get few postcards from friends and family, although everybody says they enjoy receiving them.


@elanlei case in point re difficulties in Finland: last week (4 and 5 March) I received six cards from Postcrossers in Finland, five written on 2 January, one written on 10 January. 61 days and 54 days travel time respectively. All the best to postal workers in Finland and everywhere else!

A few years ago I was very much “digital first” and unconvinced by cards and letters. I’ve made an about turn since then, in part because I’ve found I enjoy the time and effort taken to prepare a card or letter for my nearest and dearest. Picking out the card, or the paper and envelope. Choosing my pen. Addressing an envelope and popping a stamp on it. My time is my most valuable asset, and I’m glad to spend it on loved ones.


My heart jumps each time I see a postcard in my mailbox.
I wish I could get some postcards from my friends just to know what their handwriting looks like!:)))


Really? Overall I can’t complain about the German postal system. Normally a letter or a postcard arrives at its destination within 24 hours after is was dropped into the mailbox. If you have to wait for ages the delay is mostly caused by the sender who doesn’t seem to bother to be on the quick side and not by the Deutsche Post. The same with DHL, Hermes and other parcel services.
Example: I had ordered a jacket from Ebay on March 8 and earlier today (March 11) I received the package. I wouldn’t call that ages.


According to your profile you live in one of the five biggest cities in Germany.
So if you really always “wait ages” for your mail I strongly recommend you to check out your house mail box if there’s something wrong and do also a complaint to Deutsche Post. Maybe your mailman is not the fastest (I had this with a stand-in some time ago).
It’s definetely not normal if you wait so long.

Even though I have had several problems from time to time, ~ 90 % of my mail reaches me within one or two days.


I have a couple of friends here who I exchange mail with regularly (letters, magazine clippings, recipes, seeds). These ladies live 20 minutes from me but we started this in Covid lockdown and I love it. Last week I made little origami tea holders and sent a bunch of friends tea so we could have a covid tea party. Lol.
I can’t remember the last time anyone has sent me a travel postcard, sadly. I don’t think this is really done much in the US anymore. We live in a small rural town and i have a very, very hard time finding any local cards to send. (Old dusty stock from the 80s at the back of little local owned newsstands) It is not going to be long before there simply aren’t any local cards left for me to send. :frowning:


Okay maybe not ages but sometimes it like really takes too long and we asked the Deutsche Post but there was nothing wrong.
I really have to say that the Finnish Mail is friendly and efficient.

Packages are a different story weirdly
They come quite quickly. Like my doc martens did but cards usually came quite late around here and the prizes are not that good. They made us pay 15€ for a Mailbox sized package