Postcards from Austria to US hardly delivered

I wonder what does it mean? Manually? Why does it not sound very priority speed :smile:
Maybe something like we have a postal sorting sticker, to make mail faster, and every mail with this sticker in it, is slower. Well, hopefully it’s not this type :slight_smile:

But if the economy has turned to faster, hopefully it continues to be so, then I think it’s most sensible to use that, especially if one can’t go to mail office.

I would definitely ask, and wait what they offer for people with limited mobility and how they are taken into account. I think mail still should be something everyone has an access to.

For me it sounds like a simpler version of registered mail, without real tracking number but the post would be able to tell exactly how many items are sent with this type of service? Something to scan quickly, like those QR codes on stamps many countries now have, but the code would be on the label.

Yes, I think so as well.

Good news! :partying_face:

Postcards I sent in November from Austria to USA are all arrived now. Last of them, a card to my friend´s son, arrived few days ago after travelling over 140 days.

But two official cards (to Germany and to Belarus) are still missing. I suppose they followed other cards to USA and are now coming back to Europe. :crazy_face:


Now the “handbuch” is updated, and has date 01012024, interesting.
I have looked that not so long ago (maybe two days ago), and it had the September (?) date.They are not in a hurry to keep the information up to date?
And tomorrow the new one comes?

Maybe they put a wrong date there. Or it’s not a date, but some other number.

But this has also example of the forms, where is priority sticker too, which is the same as previous. Also says, you can write the text by hand as well.

I wish they had English version of this for tourists, and of course information of the obligatoryness to take the priority mail to post office.

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The new info also says you can get this sticker free from any post office, I think good news :smiley:

And I don’t find info that you should take it to post office, so maybe it’s not very important or not true anymore.

But I find this:

What items can be dropped into Österreichische Post letterboxes for shipping?

  • Eco and Prio letters S and M as well as packets S for domestic items. Prio items only in the form of postal stationery.

  • International items that meet the currently valid formats*

*Austrian Post is under no obligation to follow instructions given by the sender after the item has been posted. Individual items can be posted by dropping them in letterboxes, in which case posting is not confirmed. For further information, please see the version of the GTC International Letter Mail applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract.

So I would feel safe to use stamps, even write the priority if I can’t print or get it, and drop my mail to box. I don’t need any confirmation of that, I don’t get it here either, not even when I leave it to a post kiosk.

I think as a possible tourist I have read unnormally lot how to use their mail sending service :joy:

Edit: here is the file for priority sticker you can print, end of this page, maybe someone travelling there could like printing few beforehand:

or here is the image:

I had a chat with an acquaintance who works at a post office yesterday. Anything that comes from a mailbox definitely isn’t treated as priority mail. No matter how much postage you pay and whether you have a priority sticker on it or not. Priority mail MUST be dropped off in person at a post office. You have to hand them their piece of mail and tell them to send it priority. Even mail that gets dropped off at mailboxes right outside the post office is automatically economy, even though they’re emptied and sorted by hand by the employees at the post office.
The blue priority stickers aren’t valid anymore either, they have new ones. Haven’t seen them yet in person, today is the first day of the new “stamps can be priority” rule applies.


My cards to the USA also don’t seem to arive. I have a card that’s on it’s way for 56, 34 and 26 days now. Normally it would take about 2 weeks. I also swapped a card in october that never arived.


Today I posted my first postcard with this new priority sticker. I left a space on the postcard measuring 2.5 x 2.5 cm. The postal worker placed the sticker on it, stamped the card, and I took a photo of it before hopefully going into the priority mail pile.


Wonder what is going on in Austria post in general,this is how they stamped my Xmas mail ( sorry if this is off topic )

I think this has happened with every country’s post, but: I like the postmark, very lovely!

@Marghit Thanks for posting a photo here! Was this sent within Austria, or another country? I’m guessing even out of Europe because of the postage, and that would make for a new confusion with the new system :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Because I was at the post office yesterday too, to hand in priority mail with stamps for Austria and for overseas. Like you I left space for the new sticker, and I was very surprised when the postal worker told me that the new yellow priority stickers were only for within the country. He put the old blue priority stickers on the cards that went to other countries. This information is nowhere to be found in the article where I read about the new system :neutral_face:

I agree, it’s really hard to find out what to do. On the surface it seems very easy, but there are hidden conditions that are not communicated clearly enough (e.g. not being able to put priority mail into post boxes). It was the same when we were not allowed to use stamps anymore for priority mail and could not drop it in the mailbox anymore. This change was made last autumn. I’m sure there are still people in small villages etc. who don’t have a post office near and put their mail with enough stamps for priority into a mailbox, in good faith that it will be delivered the next day. In reality they just overpay for slow service.

The bold in Prio items only in the form of postal stationery is from me. This is a very important detail that can easily be missed. Prio mail can only be dropped in a mailbox when it is put in postal stationery. I am not sure if there is another term for it, here it is “Ganzsachen” and it means an envelope pre-printed with the postage (so when you buy the envelope at the post you pay the postage price). This is the ONLY priority item you can put in a mailbox. My guess is that this can be automatically recognized in the sorting machines and so it is allowed to put those in.

Prio items with stamps can not be put into mailboxes since last autumn, as stated multiple times by multiple people here in the thread, and that is still valid since 1st of April. The only official and surefire way that prio items with stamps will be transported priority is if you hand them in at the counter.

Yes, we could be lucky that some postal workers who sort mail from mailboxes are nice and put mail into the priority bins when they see the right amount of face value and a blue priority sticker, but the important thing is that there is no guarantee that this will happen, and we have no way of knowing if it’s more of an exception than a regular occurrence. Just for this reason I would be careful with suggesting it to others so lightheartedly. It makes it seem that this would be a regular option and the information easily can get lost that they have to expect their cards to arrive way (WAY) slower and that they just might have thrown money down the drain :neutral_face:

ETA: The postal worker yesterday also told me that they are not allowed to give out the new yellow stickers to customers. He already had asked his superior that day. Now there’s just the question left if we always need to leave space for this sticker from now on for international Postcrossing mail like the official information from the post was, or if the international mail still can get the blue priority sticker (that he is allowed to give out) like he put on my mail yesterday :face_with_peeking_eye:


It looks similar to what we shortly had (but for Finnish mail only, where we paid a little extra for it).
This Austrian version looks at least much better than the code in stamps.

Interesting that they still have the blue priority label to print on the Austria post site, and no information that it’s not good anymore, or that it would be good for Austrian mail only.

Edit. Removed the answer given to my friend, I now understood it might be written by someone who doesn’t know English and hence the message has mixed information, I don’t want to make this look like I think they are a joke :pensive: /

Oh, I think I know what you mean, we have preprinted postage for some cards.
I understood it that as long as it’s stationery, like paperletter, card, not a for example a glass figurine. Yes, it can be difficult with such terms that don’t translate well.

Thank you for helping in this! (I think I asked this word sometimes somewhere, or only in my head :slight_smile: )

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