Postcards for a classroom in France

Could you translate their letter into English for those of us whose French is inadequate?

I will send a card, too


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Thank you.

Hi !
There’s a classroom near my town, in the center of France, which pupils want to receive postcards from all other the world.
They would so much receive one from different countries.

Please, can you send then one ?

They are from 6 to 8 years old. They wrote a letter joined to this mail.

The add if you’re ok :

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Greetings !

Thanks for all of you for your postcards !
That’s great for them…

Merci bien ! :slight_smile:

Happy to send a postcard from Northern Ireland to my favourite holiday destination…France!!! Happy postcrossing! Fidelma

I will send a card from New York – with the message in French. Regards, JamesC

Another card from Germany will follow :blush:.

@cypris I removed now the addresses.

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Thanks to all of you !

Ready for posting on Monday!

Great ! Thank you so much for them.

Aha! Children and joy!? This is a sign! I would LOVE to participate in this from the bottom of my heart! I’m expecting some post cards this week and they are unique antique cards from 1930s - 70s. Some of them written in Ottoman, Armenian, Turkish and Greek. They were belonged to their owners and probably got sold or lost. I was looking for a nice swapping opportunity. I’ll add nothing on them so the receiver can enjoy the nostalgic feeling.
I’ll check them if they are appropriate for children and if not I’ll order new ones from the antique shops. I believe there was some of them related to children or someone’s birthday -if i remember correctly. Other ones are to celebrate Eid, Easter and some exchanges between lovers.
How do I send them please as disclosing the address on the page goes against to community guidelines? I’m a new user please guide me so I can connect in this project so I will be reconnecting with my inner child. She would go crazy about it back then!!