Postcard writing prompts - ideas welcome!

Writing prompt or blog tip. 3 tips:

Something common about postcrossing meetings. Ever went there. Ever organised one. Received a meetupcard.

Whats on your wall? We have four walls in postcrossing: sent received fav popular.
And most rooms has 4 walls.
How is your wall look like. Painted, wallpaper, colours, whats on your wall?

Travel Mode. Your last or next or wished Travel Mode destination.


Yes, we’ve all had them :supervillain:t3: :angry: :rofl:

If you had a time machine, where and when would you visit?

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We say “essere verde d’invidia” in Italian too

About the writing prompts

  • Which monument / animal / thing is the symbol of your city or country?
  • Which is your favourite pizza or ice cream flavor?
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I don’t know if someone already posted,how about…

Your favorite holiday destination .

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Languages. I did not check all the writingprompts and suggestions. Was is already a topic in the past?

Are you studying another language currently?
If you would like to study a language which would it be?

Postcrossing is often used by writing in other languages.

I would like to learn French. Studied it years ago. I like Frensch chansons to listen. And would like to read Albert Cossery, Jean Giono … in original language.

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Please enjoy this funny postcard about the writing prompts, made by postcrosser @navi in Taiwan! :heart_eyes: I love it so much!


Thank you Ana, I’m very glad you like it. ::

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“What time period would you visit if you had a time machine, and why?”


I don’t know if someone already posted this, how about:

  • What can you do right now to save the Earth?
  • What does peace mean to you?
  • Someone who inspires you to be a better person.

“Your favorite songs to listen together with your family on Christmas day?”

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Writing Prompt!

My idea is to have #GratitudeWriteup. Send a gratitude card to your loved ones.


Your first memories

Something I am very interested in is; what was your grand-parents (or parents)'s occupation, where did they live? I find it extraordinary to see how our lives changed these last decades… Even if everything isn’t perfect, there is a huge gap between their lives when they were young and ours. It is now easy to communicate with the entire world, and that’s already a big difference!
As for me, my grand-parents on my father side had to grow up during WW2 in Normandy. On my mother side, my Taiwanese grand-parents grew up under the Japanese colonisation. These are differentlives, but these events in their youth had an impact on the way they lived the rest of their life. Well, I won’t tell all their stories, but I find it interesting as a writing promp to write about it. Because that’s an universal rule; we wouldn’t be where we are today (on Earth) without our grand parents! :blush:


About the writing prompts:

  • Books you recently borrowed from public library
  • Are public libraries still important in the digital age?
  • Do you remember your first library visit?

In their profile someone asked me to discuss their country and the people . I did. I wrote something bad and something good about it. When they received it they seemed upset - but they asked and I did say some nice things.

I gave both negative and positive comments and the person still seemed a bit upset. They asked for the good and bad.

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I removed some posts because they are off-topic.
We talked already about this theme several times and you can read a statement of the admins about that here.

What is the last RAK (random act of kindness) you’ve done or experienced?

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Just took a photo with the original artwork ::