Postcard writing prompts - ideas welcome!

In their profile someone asked me to discuss their country and the people . I did. I wrote something bad and something good about it. When they received it they seemed upset - but they asked and I did say some nice things.

I gave both negative and positive comments and the person still seemed a bit upset. They asked for the good and bad.

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What is the last RAK (random act of kindness) you’ve done or experienced?

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Just took a photo with the original artwork ::


Oh wow! :heart_eyes:

Could you post this picture on the Show Your Maxipics (Maximum Pictures) topic as well? I think it fits!

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I don’t know if any of these have been mentioned before, but here are some topics I would like to see in promps:

Do you enjoy coffee or tea in the morning, and what do you do while drinking it? Reading the news, meditate, watch the sunrise, pet your cat etc.
A favourite childhood memory.
Sunday activity with or without family/friends.
Unusual holidays, country spesific (in Norway we have Fastelaven, not sure if that’s a Scandinavian thing or what…)
Unusual food that’s completely normal in your country.
If you were moving to another country, which one and why?
How did you meet your partner/spouse?


Please use english in this part of the forum.

For your consideration, an idea for a future postcard writing prompt:

To mail a postcard from a Canadian destination to an international destination, three domestic rate stamps can be used in place of a an international rate stamp. Often the domestic rate stamps have more interesting designs and subjects featured than the international rate stamps. These domestic rate stamps help highlight, celebrate or educate on what Canada finds valuable or important.

Consequently, these stamps can often feature a variety of subjects connected to Canada. I’ve been using stamps featuring such diverse subjects as the Canada Post Charitable Foundation, vintage Canadian travel posters, and Fernand Nault, a Canadian male ballet legend. You can look at Canada Post’s stamps here: Stamps | Canada Post - Canada Post

So here’s the prompt: what story or stories is/are revealed in the postage stamps used in mailing your postcard? Postcrossers are asked to analyze the subjects in the stamps used in mailing a postcard to see what it communicates or reveals about a country. The writer articulate the back story or significance of the subjects in the stamps used in the mailing of the postcard. (It also might be interesting to see what’s been missing as subjects featured on stamps too.)


Hello, I may be repeating another writer, but I read last week that the 150th anniversary of the U.S. postal card (issued by the post office) is next month; specifically, it was issued May 12, 1873. It only cost one cent!

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Schooling is universal. I would love to hear from people about what schools are like in their country, how people get to school, how far away school is, how many kids in a class, whether students wear uniforms, whether students take school seriously, which subjects are best loved, what kids do at recess, what sports are played, anything having to do with the local school, or someone’s own experience with schools when they themselves were growing up.


It may not be a writing prompt, but I sent out my first postcard today and I looked up a random fact that I thought was interesting for my card. Little knowledge nuggets never hurt anybody.


A prompt that just came to mind (it hope it was not mentioned before)

Your best summer vacation / adventure


That’s a good idea! Thank you.

I am sooo stealing this idea. :slight_smile:

One lazy prompt would be to hit the “random article” button in Wikipedia. You transcribe in the postcard the title and the first few sentences of the article you got, no matter how unfamiliar or silly it is.

Achieve an be proud. Something you are proud of accomplishing.

Carpe diem, is the time you seized the day and gained something unexpected.

Winning (Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner)- something you have ‘won’ recently;y. Yesterday I unblocked a garden hose without needing to buy anything- winning. I have almost posted 600 cards via postprocessing, winning.

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Finders keepers.

When you found something and were allowed to keep it. Recently a roadcrew made a footpath on my street. They left behind 6 fence posts. After 6 weeks, I asked other neighbours, and rang the Council, and I was allowed to keep them to use in my garden.

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