Postcard preference: Matte or Gloss?

I am preparing to order more postcards. was wondering what preferences are for receiving postcards…do you like matte or gloss finish?

The one thing I noticed with matte postcards is they tend to stick together, so unless I put them in an envelope, I worry they won’t make it to their intended destination. Some pics, I think, actually look better on matte.


I like photos to be semi-glossy and illustrations to be matte.


I used to think gloss gave the images more pop but now I don’t think there is a lot of difference between gloss & matte images & matte postcards stand up to the wear & tear of our postal machines a lot better.


I don’t mind either, but I think the written side needs to be as close to matte as possible. I’ve had some glossy postcards with a glossy back and boy… smear city. Plus, the stamps don’t adhere properly! :slight_smile:


I prefer matte because I use fountain pens to write - and glossy will smear the fountain pen ink!

Plus glossy attracts too many fingerprints, which gets on my nerves :sweat_smile:


good point. thanks for response :grinning:

glossy back would be annoying. definitely :smiley:

i didn’t know matte stood up better… something to consider next purchase of postcards

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