Postcard pictures that show more than just the postcard itself!

This topic is similar to but also different from “Show Your Maxipics”. While that one is about maxipics (photos showing the postcard and the subject they represent), this one focuses on official Postcrossing postcards that have been uploaded to the website as photos showing more than just the postcard itself.
This could be a maxipic, a person holding the postcard and striking a funny pose, the postcard next to a mailbox or on the sender’s/recipient’s table… Do you have quirky pictures like these on your wall? Do you upload these yourself?

When I travelled to China earlier this year, I did not have a scanner for high-quality scans, so I decided to take pics of my postcards while I was holding them.

↑ This is one of my favourites, from Chongqing! This city is simply mindblowing—there are roads on top of skyscrapers, bridges suspended in the air, and here you can see a cable car in the middle of the city.

↑ Chongqing again, this time with the city’s underground which, in this case, is not only above ground, but is also entering a residential building! Interestingly, before we got off at that stop, we started underground…

↑ This one was sent from the city of Dunhuang, Gansu Province (one of my favourite places in China). I skated to the closest available postbox and decided to capture this amazing moment before I dropped the card into the box. I added the temperature too, although it was definitely colder than -9°C (15.8°F). My phone was acting up, and, of course, I had to wear gloves!

The skateboard is from Geneva—a super local brand. It was cool to show it off in China :sunglasses:

↑ We are now in Xi’an. This is the famous Bell Tower, built in 1384 during the early Ming Dynasty. Gloves off, though it was still kinda cold (it was rainy and snowy). But definitely not as crazy as Dunhuang!


Love your photos.

I did that recently for an official card because the recipient considered it a neat idea:

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What funny timing-- I was just looking through my traveling cards a few minutes ago and saw that two of them are exactly this way. And then I see this thread!

One because I forgot to take a closer picture, but I take pictures of every postcard I send in front of the mailbox before I drop it in, so I had to use that photo as the image. It’s in travel mode so it’s a Norwegian post box! The other because the receiver requested the card be sent in an envelope, so I knew I wouldn’t get that mailbox photo. So I took a picture overlooking my apartment backyard from the balcony. And then I guess I also forgot to take a closer photo of that one too.

Hopefully both arrive and I can post here!


I tried this in Lisbon :slightly_smiling_face:


I love the idea. Amazing photos of postcards in this thread.
Here is mine,

Kastelholm Castle, Åland Islands


Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun taking these pictures, especially timing the ones with the monorail and the cable car!

Please show us the pictures once the postcards are registered! I’m super curious to see what they look like.

Woah, the one with the tiles looks amazing! :star_struck:

That’s awesome! And it’s from the Åland Islands? Must’ve been an amazing place to visit.


I haven’t yet thought to do this! Thanks for the neat thread. I am going to have to try it… especially with the cool local spots. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s from the Åland Islands. A nice location to explore and has a good selection of quality view cards.