Postcard People Who Wrote Regularly Before and After PostCrossing

I was wondering how many of us wrote and sent postcards before entering this postcard portal? Were you a regular postcard sender? Had you been sending postcards to friends and family often? Or, on the other hand, after participating in postcrossing, were you propelled to write more postcards to friends and family. I confess, I began my postcard fascination by sending vacation postcards (Greetings from ______!). I wrote many letters. As a happy grandparent I’ve sent postcards to children and grands. Despite easy phone connectivity, I still enjoy writing. Unfortunately, due to rising postcard prices, I’ve had to cut back on number of cards I send. I enjoy connecting across boundaries…just wondering about particular attachments to writing and postcards that participants might have???


I started on holidays growing up, sending postcards to my grandparents when on family holidays, usually from Spain :es: :slight_smile:


I grew up in a really small town (pop. 512) so had a lot of penpals through IPF which opened up the world to me. Although we wrote letters to each other, many of my penpals would send postcards to me, and as I got older and could get into the big city more often, I would buy postcards there to send back. Once I started travelling on my own (mid-90s onwards) I always sent postcards to family and friends, and after a while, to myself as well. I still do it, although it’s harder to find nice postcards and/or have time to get to a post office, because unlike 10-20 years ago when you could buy stamps at the place you bought postcards at, that’s almost impossible today in most places.


During my childhood I spent every summer vacation at the German North Sea coast. We used to send postcards to our, quite huge, family and even some to neighbours. A few months ago my cousin discovered one of the postcards I sent to her three days before my 3rd birthday. I kept writing postcards during every vacation for many years. When I joined postcrossing writing became kind of a hobby for me and, additionally to the official cards, I participated in swaps in the old forum and in postcrossing facebook groups. I took a very long break from postcrossing but I still sent postcards from places I had visited and occasionally greetings to family and friends for no particular reason. In recent years I have mostly travelled alone and got into the habit of sending myself postcards when a particular place or time there had a special meaning for me.


I have been sending letters and postcards all over the world for 35 plus years. I always sent postcards to my pen pals from my travels, now I get to do it regularly :wink:! I adore mail art and decorate my mail with love!


I have always loved snail mail. Even from childhood, I had pen pals around the world and I would write to every possible relative, friend, and acquaintance that would allow me to. The problem is, as I matured into young adulthood, that was the exact time when email and internet were on the rise. This was in the mid and late 90s, before our current texting and mobile phone and social media technology, but even so, people stopped writing and sending snail mail by and large. I would still write letters and send postcards, but it was very rare to get any sort of reply in kind. And so my hobby gradually tapered off, although I had one or two friends who would send me a postcard or letter if they were traveling.

Fast forward to 2019, when a friend told me about postcrossing. Heaven! I had no idea it existed. So the past 5 years, I’ve been so happy to find so many people around the world who still enjoy snail mail and so many people to exchange it with!


I experienced the same. Snail mail was something everyone was used to and nothing special to find in your mailbox. But it was exciting to receive an e-mail and later it was even possible to share photos. I guess many people do not have the patience anymore to wait days or weeks for a message to arrive today. But on the other hand receiving real mail, except for any offical letter, invoices etc. is a special thing now.


I started as a child. I sent postcards from the seaside to my friends and relatives. I still keep them today, because they often reciprocated. I think my parents motivated me to practice writing.
Then came the phase of collecting postage stamps. Since I had relatives in Germany, I had the opportunity to see exceptional specimens. I started to exchange. That was about 30 years ago. Today, I collect them with the same will, as before.
There followed a period during my studies, where I corresponded with many acquaintances through letters. It was especially difficult for me during my military service. I sent a lot of letters then, to ease the harsh military days.
About 20 years ago, I started traveling more. And I used the opportunity every time to send a couple of postcards to my friends and acquaintances, even abroad. About ten years ago, I started making Christmas cards and sent dozens of them each year.
Now, since I became a member of Postcrossing, I correspond regularly through postcards and with members here.


In one way or another, I have gone in and out of writing letters over the years for one reason or another. It’s never really gone away and I am glad about that. It has brought me a lot of joy for many different reasons. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have always loved notes and letters. Passing notes were my preferred communication style as a child, and when my friends were in other classes… we would write each other long letters. I still have my scrapbooks full of them.

Then, when I moved abroad for college… I hated email so I still wrote paper letters and mailed them back home. And my family would send care packages with handwritten letters. Some full of mundane details, some full of excitement. I loved them all the same.

I also love annual Christmas, birthday cards and thank you cards. I guess postcrossing seems to be the next best thing.


I wrote to a penpal when I was about 7 (they had a list of children we can write to on the back of the children’s magazines; you can submit your details to be published as well) and I think that was my first experience mailing anything.

When I got together with my then boyfriend, he introduced to me his habit of mailing postcards on holidays instead of buying souvenir. I started doing that since, and it’s been about 8 years!

I found postcrossing on an Instagram reel at the end of April this year and got hooked on snail mail again ^^


For years & years I’ve sent cards to friends. Not postcards, but greeting cards…Miss you, thinking of you, or a just saying Hi card. Since i began Postcrossing I also send the occasional postcard to friends. I’ve always loved snail mail.


Not so much postcards; but letters.

After emigrating to Canada (close to 20 years ago, at this point) i started an epistolary relationship with 3/4 friends where I’d send them long letters and maybe they’d write back.

Yeah we still have WhatsApp and similar but the dept of conversations that happen on paper is absolutely unmatched.

Postcards were just a fun little addition to the letters, sometimes I’d put them in the envelope as a little Post Scriptum.

Then at one point in my life I got a job where i acquired almost literally my weight in stamps. So postcards and postcrossing became a good outlet to actually use them. Pair that with the acquisition of several hundreds assorted blank cards for dirt cheap at various garage sales and thrift stores and here i am now.


I’ve always loved writing and was the type to give my friends long handwritten letters for Christmas and their birthdays.
This practice stopped when I went to college because friends and I all went our separate ways, but I found myself writing letters once again when I picked up film photography and exchanged pictures of my work with other film photographers (we sent our pictures as postcards). The first card I ever received was from Romania.
When I resigned from my first job during the height of the pandemic, I offered to send 60+ cards on Reddit so that I’d have something to do, and snailmail evolved into one of my main hobbies ever since.
I’ve only sent out 90 cards on official Postcrossing but I’ve sent out over 2000 cards all in all


I used to write vacation cards and letters. Postcrossing was always a hobby for when I had time to spare and didn’t want to spam my inner circle too much. :rofl:

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