Postcard pals!

Hi everyone! My name is Emmeline, I am 20 years old from Massachusetts, USA. I love animals (especially dogs and birds), painting and art, nature, and watching TV + movies! I am looking for postcard pals from any country. I love to decorate postcards with washi tapes and stickers as well. :slight_smile: On occasion we can even exchange small gifts or candies! If you are interested then please message me!


Hi Emmeline
Would you like Postcards I make myself Iā€™m in Texas and I would love to share some of my art, stickers, and pin buttons.

Hi Emmeline,
My name is Romana, Iā€™m 24 and I love animals, nature and decorating postcards too :goat: :deciduous_tree: :art: I will send you a PM :slight_smile:

HI I would like to be your postcard penpal.
I have lots of stickers I collect stamps and Archie comics too.

Hello. I will be happy to exchange postcards with you. Write me PM if you agree :slightly_smiling_face: