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Edited to add: It doesn’t have to be someone their age. Anyone with whom I exchange regularly with that is interested can write to them. Their cards usually go in an envelope when I send others to M1’s “postcard pal” who is NOT her age but M1 is thrilled everytime she gets a card.

My daughters are both looking for postcard pals that would be willing to write to them. M1 (12) likes writing, drawing, animals, playing games, and Girl Scouts. She has been corresponding with a member here but would like a couple other regular postcard pals that she could send simple cards to with questions and get answers and cards back.

M2 (7) likes reading, animals, unicorns, unicorns, anything girly and would be even more occasionally writing her postcard pal. Again just simple notes to her when she writes.

Thanks in advance (I do join the postcards to kids tag but they would like a little bit more regular contact).


Hey- I don’t think our kiddos are corresponding yet. Perhaps they would like to exchange postcards with my 11 yo son and 9 yo daughter? :slight_smile:

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They probably would! Pm me please!

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My grandson’s pen pals in Europe all disappeared, and he feels bad about losing them. He’s 7. Would your M2 like to correspond with a little boy who is into reading, space, nature? He loves to read fantasy stories and watch fantasy movies. If so, I’ll give his mom your address.

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@waydowneast I’m sure she would love it! She LOVES nature, bugs, and anything girly. you can give her my address and just addressed to M2 will work for now…leave an element of mystery until she writes back revealing her name!

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Yes. That’s the correct address

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Hey! I’m 16 and willing to be postcard pals with your daughter!
I was a Girl Scout for a few years, I love music and writing.