Postal-related dictionary and abbreviations (wiki)

A.R. -advice of receipt

What does WPD stand for?

World Postcard Day, celebrated on October 1st.
It’s a big event in Postcrossing. If you request an address on that day, you will be rewarded a special badge on your Postcrossing profile once the postcard get registered. There’s also official and unofficial postcard designs for this event each year. Sometimes even the postal services participate with issuing special stamps. :wink:


Oh wow had no idea, thanks so much for the information :blush:

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Anyone know what ToF means?

Where have you seen the “swap slowly” statement? Perhaps, I need to add that to my profile as I can take up to 5 days to get a card in the mail, depending on when I can get the address. I like to try to go through my cards and match something to their likes, come up with a good message and then hope the post office is open when I’m done writing the postcard. I get addresses on Friday evenings a lot which means I have to have them done by Saturday at noon. Otherwise, it will be Monday for the next mail day.

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Postcrosstinating: When you’re putting off other responsibilities in order to relax at your desk and write postcards to send out to other Postcrossers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know what series is TS? I tried asking the person looking for them, but guess they didn’t understand what I was asking…

I believe it is Tausendschön cards

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What is a “Theme Swap”?

If you’re talking about this term used off of postcrossing, I THINK it is similar to our round robins here. A group swap of specific cards. I haven’t run across the term on postcrossing as of yet.

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What are official postcards?

People talk about official cards when they draw an address in the mainsite and send it with a postcrossing ID-code. Those cards get registered in postcrossing, so they are “official”. People also send cards in forum activities, round robins, tags, private swaps etc. and these are not “official”.

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I’ve seen people mentioning 3D postcards. Do they mean 3D lenticular or 3D paper postcards?