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I have been using £1.42 stamps to post my cards all over the world for the last few years and they are all being received .( except a few to Russia) I thought that was the correct price. I have just found out that the correct postage went up to £1.70 a card over a year ago. This has made me wonder does the postal services abroad know what the cost should be? should I continue to send with the cheaper stamp as it does not seem to be causing an issue?

Infact you are not far off the International Economy price of £1.45 (for outside Europe only).

Yes indeed 1st Jan 2021 it went up to £1.70 making it easier for most to just use two 1st class stamps.

Most of your cards where probably held back by the revenue teams but with no return address they would be forwarded with just a delay.

The recipient countries should really pick up the tab from the recipient, but only do it in extreme cases.



You should check the prices with Royal Mail.
There are different rates depending on the destination.

They might also put a nice label to let the receiver know about not playing proper postage (for air mail, in this case) :grin:


That’s a really nice label :new_moon_with_face:

I personally like the verb choice “divert” and the cozy peaceful view in the card, maybe depicting the alternative service (path) this was diverted. :upside_down_face:


The £1.45 international economy rate is only valid outside Europe. So for outside Europe you can either choose the £1.45 or the £1.70 rate, depending on how quickly you want your postcard to get there.

For Europe, only the standard rate is valid at £1.70 per postcard.


That is a very big label :flushed:!! Although it somehow destroys the picture side of the card, I would love to receive such a label on one of my cards and keep it as a postal curiosity. I have become such a postal nerd since starting postcrossing, looking forward to receiving nice stamps and special cancellations as much as the postcards themselves.

£ 1.70 covers everywhere, the lower price is Economy in Europe only.

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@McSon No, it’s the other way round! Cards to Europe cost £1.70, cards to the rest of world either £1.70 (airmail) or £1.45 (economy).
Have a look at Maddymail’s post further up, he’s included a Royal Mail price list.


There’s also a wiki which has all the postage prices from each country!

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Sorry, my mistake, you’re right. I always feel the economy should be for Uk to Europe because it’s nearer ! ! I don’t actually use it because I like my cards to arrive as quickly as possible.

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Thank you everybody I am now clear as to what I need to do. I still cant get over the fact that I have been getting away for over a year with using a less costly stamp. I have had thank you messages form almost all my cards, no long delays and no one has mentioned they have been asked to pay extra postage or had stickers on their cards. Still better do the right thing from now on !!

PS: @sherbert - just to let you know, the prices are due to increase again on 4th April 2022.

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