Postage stamp prices in UK

Have Royal mail really withdrawn the 10g postcard rate?

Postcards within the Uk are currently either first or second class lumped in with standard letter rates , any Postcard being sent anywhere abroad from the UK attracts a £1-70 charge same as an equivalent letter., ie
Letters not exceeding: Length: 24cm
Width: 16.5cm Thickness up to and including: 0.5cm
Weight up to 100g
You have a further option to send a Postcard or letter using “International economy”, which could take longer, price for up to 100 grams £1-45, this has been debated before on here as there is little information as to how economy actually travels but my guess is it all goes by air anyway but may be held back a day or two.
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Thank you. I can’t buy £1.45 stamps. Hasanyone else succeeded. Or what is the fewest stamps i can use?

For me the easiest way to achieve £1.45 International Economy is a 1st, 50p & 10p stamp.

Not many post offices will keep the older rate stamps such as £1.42, £1.63 & £1.68 etc
The RM 2020 country definitives are still available with the £1.42 stamps (where you can add a 2p & 1p to make £1.45)

Travel times vary, I tested two postcards to Hong Kong last year at the same time, one standard and one economy, one took 11 days the other 63 days

This year half my cards to the US have been IE and all arrived in under three weeks.

Edit - International Economy cannot be used to send letters and postcards to Europe.

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Thank you

Thanks for this. Not sure about using IE. It’s already seemingly taking ages for my cards to get to their destinations but I seem to receive them pretty quickly!

I will be sad to see cards expire too.

Just to say there is a pre-existing chat about stamps, pricing and post office matters: [Stamps] UK stamps, prices, Royal Mail & Post Office matters