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My question is for American and English postcrossers and it’s about postage costs. I want to ask my favorite actors for a few autographs and for that I need to send them envelopes with my address and stamps of their countries. So, I need to understand how many and what stamps I need to buy. Will one round stamp Global from America be enough to send an envelope to Russia?
Or maybe you can give me some link where I can check all this postage costs? Thanks in advance)

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Check in here

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Yes, for normal post (postcard, light letter), a regular international stamp for the US is enough for sending to Russia. These international round stamps are currently $1.20, but scheduled to increase to $1.30 later this month. (Stamps marked with “Forever” purchased before the increase will be sufficient after the rate increase.)

Further details (if more than 1 oz [28g]), check


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Yes. Keep in mind it is for first class rate, so if your envelope weighs more than an ounce you will need additional stamp to cover the difference.

You might have to dig around a bit to get overall dimensions and weight, but there is a calculator on the site so you can determine actual cost of shipment.


For the Uk as the link above suggests you will need 2 X First class stamps at .85p each or a single £1-70 stamp for an envelope actually up to 100gms from the UK to Russia. . I’m assuming a normal envelope but if your writing a letter and enclosing a return envelope you will need to check the weight. Depending on how many you have to send ??? I could help you with those stamps and we could sort something out between us, alternatively you can buy on the Royal Mail website. Russia is regarded as Europe from the Uk for pricing purposes, remarkable given the distance from London to Vladivostok.
It’s all on this link.

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You may need more postage…I have done this before and it costs more as they sent the photo in a large envelope, sometimes protected by stiff cardboard. Check the actors’ web sites as they may have instructions

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