Post Office stamp products

USPS offers lots of gift items: shirts, toys, Xmas ornaments etc. But I really like the enamel pins (I bought Raven) and this new idea: bookmarks. They come with stamps and a postmark.
I’m curious what fun things other postal services offer and do you buy them? I may get a horse bookmark and hope they offer these with other new stamps!


I must have missed the bookmarks in the last catalog, that’s a good idea! I haven’t bought any products from USPS yet, though I have definitely thought about it. Pretty sure when the D&D stamps come out I will though, and maybe next year for Year of the Snake.

I did buy a poster/stamps from Royal Mail with the X-Men stamp release, though :sweat_smile:


oh this topic is making me sooo jealous. you have stamp related stuff at your post office? how amazing is that. do you have spiderman stuff as well? i need that.

we don’t even have post offices in the netherlands, and the webshop only sells plants (?) and a few things made out of postal bags.
like this bag for €190. it’s pretty cool but who’s gonna buy a bag for €190.

and this thing for your pens

but yeah that’s about it. no bookmarks or posters or anything cool.


they have quite a bit but I wonder who really buys stuff? (other than me!)
the pouches made from old canvas mail bags are nifty…

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We have this tote bag by Pos Malaysia.
Price MYR 69.90 ( approx. USD15 )

We also hv notebook, sketchbook, fridge magnet and pouch.


This always makes me drool, but I can justify spending that much on a pen seeing as I always lose them :joy:

When I was in Finland I bought a reusable grocery bag from the post office in Helsinki with the theme of Santa’s post office (Welcome to the Santa Claus´ Main Post Office). It was a really easy souvenir to bring home (I did the trip with a carry on backpack only, so space was tight!). I still use to, along with bags from grocery stores in Iceland, when I shop!

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Pos Indonesia sell some magnets, keychains, books, stamp albums, T-shirts, stationery set…
I don’t know what else.

I thought about buying a magnet or keychain for a penpal before, but they’re often too big or too heavy to send in an envelope.

Here’s some from the website :

Royal Mail (UK) sell postcards with pictures of some of their commemorative stamps on them, which I am using as my postcrossing cards. Seeing as postage from here is so high now, its cheaper to buy a set of stamps on postcards than it is to buy them as stamps. Pictured are my two most recent sends.

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We have new release tote bag. Price RM 45