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Resently i read and answered so many posts about offended people. Postcrossers take an id, read person’s information and get sad because people have strange preferences or write everything not in English or because of many other reasons…And here I am, I just had fun reading this and its really made my day :see_no_evil: Hope you also will have fun, GUYS :rofl:

What’s the funniest you read on received postcards or in postcrossers’ profiles? :grin:

~Margarita :herb:


We all know the typical (and a bit boring) postcrosser sentence: “I hope you will like this card”.
During my postcrossing time, I received three times a card with the sentence: “I hope this card will like you”.
And no, it was not intended as a joke…


I have for many, oh so many, times accidentally wrote “god” instead of “dog”, and I do wonder sometimes how many postcrossers have questioned my beliefs after receiving and reading a card from me. “I took my god for a long walk today”, “my god is sleeping in my bed”, “The god is yelling at squirrels again”, “gods got their vaccinations yesterday”…

I am also struggling to remember to write “Greetings from Sweden” instead of “greetings from Finland!” I was a Finnish Postcrosser for so many years that writing this is in my muscle memory. Not maybe so funny typo, but once I failed and had to explain myself on that card.


my husband and i really laughed a lot from your message, he actually have same problem ))
And i recollect one text on incoming postcard, one man wrote “Im so old that people think im saint, they always tell “Holy shit!” or “Holy crap” when see me” it was funniest text u ever received :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


I, for one, am pleased to know that the gods are taking responsibility to keep themselves and their communities healthy and safe. :white_check_mark:


Haha :rofl: This reminded me of what my gandpa said when I wished him happy birthday. “I am old. Trees my age are already covered by moss.” I hope I will make it to a moss age too!


These gods are safe from parvo, kennel cough, and some more that I can’t recall now what it is called :slight_smile: They even opted for rabies vaccination, even thought it is not needed here but we figured they might have to travel to Finland someday. Very responsible gods!


This wouldn’t have been the person offended because the person she drew liked urinals, was it? :rofl:


How did you do it? :sweat_smile:
I meant exactly that post! :see_no_evil: :joy:


What can I say, you don’t forget such ridiculous people. LOL


Years ago, a popular bumper sticker was (and maybe still is in some areas), “God is my co-pilot.” The alternative was equally popular, “Dog is my co-pilot.”


Probably I’ve misspelled words here in the forum, but it’s ok, english is not my first language.

However, in the same line of your topic about having sense of humor about all the recent complains, I told my husband I will start saving the General Forum for friday nights, in order to make my own “Postcrossing Drinking Game”.

One drink per complain :smirk:


In the northwestern US, we have a lichen called Methuselah’s beard. If you find some and don’t take a beard selfie with it, you’ll die.

(Stolen from an image search; this is not me, sadly)


You will be very drunk till the night… :grinning:


This made me laugh out loud. I LOVE IT!

Have you heard about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? He was up all night wondering if there really is a Dog.


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Most postcrossers have a great sense of humour.
I recently drew a profile of a guy who only wished for touristic cards. After hestitating some time, I sent him a card of a man who looked very much like himself on his profile picture, and in the message I wrote: I’m sending you a postcard of yourself. I hoped for the best, and he loved it!


That’s amazing! :joy:

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Brilliant! :rofl:

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