Poscrossing as stress reliever?

So, I’ve sometimes taken a break from postcrossing and sending and receiving mail in general, because I was either feeling very overwhelmed, which would suck the fun out of it, or because I was entering a very busy period in my life. (Like I’m studying for upcoming exams or something)

Sometimes though, sending postcards seems to be a great stress reliever, at least for me. I’ve recently entered my final exams week and I’m understandably quite nervous.

Now I’ve found myself sending a crazy amount of mail (at least for me). I’m keeping track of all of it and it’s already around fifty maybe?

Has anyone else found themselves sending more mail when they are stressed? What are your experiences with using postcrossing as a stress reliever? Have you taken a long break before because otherwise it wouldn’t be fun anymore?


I definitely found it/find it a great hobby, good distraction & stress reliever especially last fall - I joined in July 2020 & was delighted to find such a cool hobby during this pandemic, but you do have to balance it out as it is some work to do lots of swaps or official cards.

There are very clear steps to follow which you can get into a nice flowing state with - choosing a card, choosing & applying the stamps, adding the regular things to a card like the city, date, temp, ID etc & then addressing it, writing your message, adding any decorations & mailing it.

I’ve slowed down a lot since my first 6 months - I pace myself more now. I used to rush to get cards done to get them into the first mail pickup of the day & now I don’t worry about it much at all having learned a lot more about how my Canadian & the international postal systems work, lol I’m happy now if they make the mail within a couple of days of drawing an address.


I joined Postcrossing, in large part, because of the pandemic.
I like sending mail. And Postcrossing releases so many happy endorphins, so it is a natural fit for me.
Better than spending the past 14 months drinking :wine_glass: or eating chocolate :chocolate_bar: ! :wink:
So, as @LC-Canada just mentioned,

I’m thinking about balancing your academic commitments … these are important as your success in your studies is the shining light of hope for your future. :sunflower:


Though there’s nothing wrong with a little good wine and chocolate from time to time!

I started up with Postcrossing during a dark month during the pandemic. It is a pleasure to find ways to make someone else smile, yet the responsibility to do so is light and easy. A lovely shift from whatever other stresses and pressures you have.

And when your exam stresses lighten, you will probably find yourself doing other things you like more often, and Postcrossing less often, but hopefully we will still see you sometimes in this community.

Cheers and good luck with your exams!


I don’t doubt that, I’ve been doing this for two years now, and I love it a lot. I’ll always come back to this hobby I think :grin:


I joined Postcrossing as a way to get through the lockdown just like @HookedonPostcards and @TwasBrillig and it has really helped me! For me it’s a great way to distract myself from all the bad things happening around me- so yes, it definitely served as a stress reliever.
Although I have to say, now that things are going better in my country (pandemic-wise), I feel like I don’t have the need to send that many postcards. But still loving it - so still doing it. :slight_smile:


Not exactly stress reliever for me. I tend to prefer to not have anything social when I am stressed out, but Postcrossing for sure is a positive distraction for me! It has easy routines, can be done at home without any specific tools (postcards, stamps and a pen, of course), something that keeps me from aimlessly browsing internet to keep my thoughts quiet, and it can easily take few hours if every step is done with lot of care… So I have noticed that whenever something happens that makes me want to keep focused on anything else than the thing that happened… Postcrossing is a great way to keep busy in healthy way and so it also helps to process everything. The only problem is that there is only so many cards one can send via Postcrossing, but luckily swap arranging is relatively easy.


I tend to go through slumps myself. When I first started Postcrossing I would send as many cards as I could. Now that I am eligible to send at least 51 cards, I only have 6 traveling; not because of a lack of postage or postcards but because writing all those postcards can be overwhelming. I realized that I have to have a healthy mix of my hobbies and not have one dominant hobby. I love Postcrossing so much that I don’t want to jeopardize falling out of love with it so I have to pace myself.


oh yeah definitely. usually during summer when i’m working a lot. but sending out cards is a good distraction sometimes. i never write that many cards though, as i love decorating and writing so if i spend 2 hours on postcrossing i’ve maybe written 5 or 6 cards.

also, if all those 50 cards would come back to me at once that would stress me out a little. a lot of times when i come home from work i don’t have the time and/or energy to register received cards (and scan them, and put them in the right place). one or two is fine but more just takes a lot of time.
sometimes when i just wanna do something i only decorate a few cards, without writing them. so i have a bunch of cat cards with all cat washi and stickers, it’s really relaxing (and it can come in handy in times when i feel more like writing).


Suitable remedies for stress:
2. s@x
3.postcrossing when it doesn’t turn into a boring duty.
4. And drink not wine, but what burns (Joke)
5. try to do the house cleaning…


I’ve never taken long breaks but no, if I’m busy/stressed, postcrossing goes down on the list of priorities. Which is why I only really do it at weekends/holidays, I don’t enjoy it when I’m tired and it would feel like another chore.

And I need to be in a relaxed mood not to get frustrated if I get a profile with a long wishlist or someone who is likely to disappear soon.

So while I enjoy it a lot, or else I wouldn’t have been around almost 5 years, it’s not a stress reliever for me. It’s something I enjoy when I already feel relaxed.

I always wonder about all the people who joined because of the pandemic: do you all think you’ll stick around when/if things are ever back to “normal”?


This has been a HUGE stress reliever for me! I’m a teacher and this year has well, been … a whole mess. So, now that we see the end of the school year I am able to unwind a little. I love the surprises in the mail- a smile everytime - and writing little notes with little expectation for perfection is exactly what I need!


I view Postcrossing–at least writing and sending the postcards–as a fun hobby to do during the weekends. I’m unable to focus on it during the work week when I have lots of other stuff going on. For stress relief, I’m trying meditation instead.


I recently became interested in postcrossing, but I already really love it :heart: I feel inspired when I write cards and letters. It fills me with joy and happiness. I think I’m sending a lot of mail right now and that’s great! Thanks to postcrossing, I can get to know new people and new countries :slightly_smiling_face:


You put it so nicely, never found words for what happens then!
I found myself to send much much more since the pandemic and yes, it’s a wonderful stress reliever. I don’t think I’ll keep this pace up once we can meet people again, but in the meantime it really kept me sane to interact with others here. :green_heart:
(I have 72 traveling right now, talk about a lot of stress :see_no_evil:)


Postcrossing is mostly a stress reliever for me, because it is something I look forward to at the end of the day. After a long day at work, I just want to be able to draw addresses, choose the postcards and stamps, and either be able to relate to someone’s similar interests halfway around the world or just talk about my day a little.

There is a sense of satisfaction I get from mailing out each postcard.

However, at times, it takes a bit of toll on me if I get a difficult profile (e.g. demanding only certain themes), or I end up having so many free slots that when I draw the addresses and write the postcards, I end up sleeping at 1-2am when I have to wake up at 5-6am the next morning. I’ve learnt to pace myself and just leave the drawing of addresses to another day. For difficult profiles, I’ve learnt to just pick a generic card, send it and not think about it anymore.

I once stopped Postcrossing due to financial reasons as I was schooling then. I picked it back up again last year due to the pandemic, and I’m glad I rekindled this love of mine.

I think it’s perfectly all right to take breaks, no matter how long and how many times, and whenever you deem necessary. Hobbies are meant to be stress relievers and not stress inducers. If it becomes the latter, then it’s time to take a break until you are ready for it again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here. If I’m too stressed I can’t even think about writing postcards (or letters). Some times I have pretty bad depression period when I just can’t write anything. And some times I write so many cards!


I do send more when I have deadlines at work, it’s a great distraction/relief.

I send less now when I’m on vacation babysitting with my child though (I’d love to send more though, babysitting is no less stress than deadlines for me :joy::sweat_smile:)

Also I find postcrossing to be excellent way to prevent and treat pre-depression states :blush:

And not only sending, receiving, sorting and rereading received postcards, organizing them is pleasant as well. And the community is so nice!


I have had very stressful months behind me, and when I no longer knew what to do with all the worries, grief and fears and just turned around in circles, I sat quitely at the desk and first drew an address …

…Then I read the profile, tried to take a picture of the recipient of the card, searched for and found a suitable postcard, decorated it, kindly described it and affixed a postage stamp.
And then immediately brought to the mailbox.

It all took about 30 minutes and it distracted me and made me happy at times.

Postcrossing was my anchor during this difficult time and it will continue to be!!!


I joined postcrossing for overcome my depression and it really worked. I feel better now. Postcards keep me happy. :smiley: