Portland, Oregon - October 14, 2023


Sorry you’ll miss out meetup, but perhaps we can get you a few postcards? Pm me October 15 and I might have some.

Portland has several places to find local themed postcards; here are a few:

Made In Oregon (there are a few)
Powell’s Books
Washington Park Zoo

Also, many tourists spots have them, like:

VooDoo Donuts (two locations)
International Test Rose Garden (by the Zoo)
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

We hope you have safe travels and enjoy your stay in the Pacific Northwest!


Thanks a lot! Sure I’ll check with you on Oct 15th.

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Okay…I’m a newbie to these PostCrossing meetups, but I think I get the postcard thing–I’ve gotten some from other meetups on World Postcard Day–I’d like to get ten please. I don’t have Venmo, so will just take my chances on getting them there.

Also–I’d like to donate a sheet of the Postcrossing lick and stick stamps I designed for myself as a prize giveaway. No problem if you already have too many prizes.

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How fun is that! We welcome your generous prize! If you havent already, please click the blue GOING button. Looking forward to seeing you in October. :slight_smile:

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For more Oregon themed cards, check out Crafty Wonderland. They are located downtown on 10th and Yamhill.


I’m in…missed March though I paid and signed up, family emergency intervened. But I’ll join in for sure this time. Thank you Randy and Stephanie.



Very glad to hear you will be able to make it. Please be sure to click the blue GOING button. Thank you!

This all sounds excellent. I’m in.

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Awesome! Thanks for joining us.

I’ve never been to a meetup before - this sounds lovely! I’ve started working on a postcard design as well - I will send as soon as it’s finished.


Oh yay! Thanks for joining us. We will have a how-to handout for our new guests! Cant wait to see your design.


Here’s my submission for the postcard contest! :slight_smile:



Thank you! @steresem and I appreciate your entry.

I am new to Postcrossing but am very excited to be part. I have not been to a meet up but am planning on attending the one in Olympia WA on August 5.

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We will be glad to have you in October!

Do you have room for 2 more?

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Room for 8 more! Please use the blue GOING button to reserve your spot.

My sister doesn’t have an account, does she need one to go? I can have her make one if needed.

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She can if she would like, but I’ll be glad to hold a spot for her. Let @steresem (Stephanie) know if paying ahead that you have her coming as well. Otherwise, payment can be made at the event.

I do want to attend. Will you please reserve 15 cards for me. Thank you.

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