PM instead of postcard

I just received a personal message from someone (at least that is what I understand) who got my address to send a postcard. Is this okay? To just send a pm instead of a postcard? This person says he can’t send postcards from the place he lives. This is more than disappointing and I think it’s not okay. I don’t have an ID, just the message…

Are there any rules or so?




I would suggest contacting the admins for help because if you a receive an address, you must send the postcard. I know there was been a lot of discussion on what constitutes a real postcard, but I think everyone can agree that a PM is not a substitute for a postcard. I believe the official stance is that if you are unwilling to send a postcard to someone, then it’s probably best not to have drawn the address in the first place. You can’t pick and choose who you send to.


Hi Mona,

No, a PM for a postcard isn’t acceptable. Everyone has to send a postcard for the address they have drawn.

If they can’t send a card, you are under no obligation to register their card, as simple as that. To be honest, they shouldn’t be drawing addresses if they can’t send postcard from their place.


Thanks for your reply. How do I contact the admins?

You can check the contact form here: Contact us

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If he can’t send postcards he shouldn’t request addresses. Definitely not okay!


Maybe this person can’t send to Germany from the country they are living? Normally the postal monitor gets updated as soon as the admins get to know that there are any problems. Maybe they weren’t aware of any restrictions? Then they should know so they can update it.

In this case the sender has to send as soon as mail to Germany is available again.

If there’s another (personal) reason the person should not draw any new addresses.

In case you were asked from the sender: You shouldn’t register a card that hasn’t been sent.


The person is from China. Shouldn’t be a problem to send mail to Germany.

Am I the only one who thinks that this doesn’t make any sense? Why request an address in the dirst place?
One exception: Maybe, this person cannot send the postcard NOW. Maybe he/she lives in a place high in the mountains and there is much snowfall. I am just saying an example. But! He/she can send the postcard, after ten days,or a month.
Nevertheless, there is still no reason to send a message.

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This person opened the account just today. If there are any problems with the mail system, one would not request an address.


Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding of a newbie… I’d also suggest that you contact the support.


Maybe he can not send a card from the place he lives, but a random other carf. I don’t know what you arr wishing for. But if you ask for cards of the places the sender lives, he just do not have one.

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Well, I’m simply NOT wishing for an electronic message instead of a postcard.


If they’re new, then it’s probably them misunderstanding what the website is for. I’d contact support and perhaps politely explain what the website is about and how a PM is not a postcard.


I know they occasionally have Covid lockdowns in China so maybe its just a temporary hold on mailing your card…


My take is this. Ignore the message.
If that guy had messaged me, Id just say eh and move on. Id ignore it and move on.
How can you cry over something that you didnt know existed prior.

A failure for the sender to send a card is the fault of the sender, not yours.

However, no need to jump to conclusions. Maybe he is stuck in a mountain or something as someone mentioned. OP says the user was from China. Perhaps his English is not the best. And maybe his intent is to tell you he cant send a card right now but will as soon as he is able. Maybe that got lost in translation.

If it comes, register it. Thats it.

Since its mentioned the sender is new, just write him a message and say thank you for the message. Ill look forward to it. Blah blah blah. Nothing more. If you want to give him advice say it gently.


I’ve got an address from Ukraine in Wednesday. I wrote her a message because of I am not sure if post is working in her city. (Germany still sends post to the ukraine to citys where it’s possible). The recipient was online but I got no answer to my question. On Friday (2 days ago I was at the post office and sent the card to the Ukraine. I hope the card reach its destination.


I’ve prepared a postcard, that will be send out tomorrow to the north of Ukraine (near the Belarussian border). I’m now hoping that it will arrive safely.
According to the Postal Monitor under the rubric “Austria”, mail can still be sent to Ukraine but not to Russia.
(Btw. I’m feeling so terrible sorry for my Russian friend. She is still allowedto send mail to Austria.)


My card goes to the south west Ukraine near the Romanian boarder. Germany can still sent postcards to Russia. I’ve also sent an card to Russia on Friday. Of I had friends in Russia and couldn’t sent them post I would be very sad and terrible sad too.

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Hope yours will arrive safely at its destination. :slight_smile: