Please help me the name of the cat series

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Can you please help me the name of this series + artist name if it is possible?

Thank you for helping :blush:

1- :white_check_mark: cats by Alexey Dolotov

2- :white_check_mark: Cotton Lion (棉花獅)

3- :white_check_mark: Cats: From A to Z

4- :white_check_mark: Aurina Paškevičienė

5-:white_check_mark: Yuko Higuchi

6- :white_check_mark: Cotton Lion (棉花獅)

7- :white_check_mark: Cat Breeds from Postalove


9- :white_check_mark: Petterson und Findus or Pettson och Findus by Sven Nordqvist


1 = cats by Alexey Dolotov

9 = Petterson und Findus (in German), originally I think it’s Pettson och Findus by Sven Nordqvist

By the way, you can easily search for these pictures with

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thank you so much for helping :cherry_blossom:

#5 is Yuko Higuchi

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thank you for helping :heart:

7 = Cat Breeds from Postalove

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I think 3 is Cats: From A to Z

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Thank you for helping @helent and @maryamhess :heart:

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Please check this thread. Maybe some info already in there


Saving this thread for future references :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you so much for nice thread

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still we are searching for 2,4,6 and 8 :blush: any know about their artists?

2 and 6 are from the same Taiwan illustrator-Cotton Lion (棉花獅), here is the Facebook link:

4 is from the Lithuania illustrator-Aurina Paškevičienė

Hope it helps :smile:


thank you so so much :heart:

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We are still looking for the postcard’s artist of number 8 :cherry_blossom: