Photo proof

I am rather new to the games and swaps on the forum. I would like to know what is the ‘protocol’ when it comes to sending out cards for tags and games. Is it not the norm to swap/send photo proofs?


Hi Adriana,

well, I suppose, it’s depending on several things, first the participant: does they have the possiblity to scan the letter. Second the context, so i.e. if I participate in an RR its rather uncommon to send a fotoproof a simple message saying "i did send the letters fro group XX " is normally sufficient.
Third option prv swap with focus on the cover there it will be useful to have a foto proof
For me I must admit I do scan every cover I end out, as I am also doing auction on Listia and thee it is rather needed to have a fotoproof as I am not sending as registered , because that would triple the price of my auctions and makes them not very attractive :wink:


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It is not the norm. Some people prefer it. I do it for my own personal tracking. It’s not something that is a requirement. There may be people who don’t have a means to post photo proof.

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I never do them & I never ask for them - I can’t do them easily because I don’t have a fancy phone.
I trust people to do what they say they’re going to do & in about 250 exchanges I’ve had very few problems.


Tags and RR don’t need photo proof. However I always take photo of the card I send (front and back) just for my own record.
First time direct swap usually needs photo proof based on agreement between 2 parties just for the sake to build trust.


It’s not too common here. I usually send it, but more for myself to keep track :wink: I don’t expect it.


I normally take a photo but only send it if there’s a query. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


I always take photos for my personal tracking, but only send them in swap chat, when other person sends me his/her proof.

I don’t need proof, I usually trust the sender by default. But in situation, when someone sends you proof, I think it’s better to make situation symmetrical - whatever reason another person sent me proof, sending one back would make it just a protocol for both if us

Edit: The proof would be only part with written address, not to spoil the surprise

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I decided long ago to avoid tags or Round Robins that aren’t moderated. Got sick and tired of cheats and chasing after people who could not be bothered.


I wouldn’t even want photo proof because then it is not a surprise anymore when the card arrives. :thinking:

By the way, I should really go through the groups in my RRs and check whether there are cards due… I’m going to do it when exams are over.

I always send proof and I’m doing it for all the tag games. But of course I only show address and stamp.

I noticed no one has shown any proofs to me

These posts are so helpful! I personally prefer not to show proof because I like to surprise people with the stamps and stickers that I use.

If someone wants to have a proof I send it (private swaps, never in RR). It’s not a big thing.

I personally don’t need one.

And in the end it doesn’t help, if the card gets lost on its way.

For me it’s not important.

I see it and have done it on Instagram, it seems pretty standard there but often there is an agreed swap rather than a surprise.

I have never sent a proof. I didn’t even think about it until I saw some people do it. I understand they mean well, but I do trust them without a proof - and like some others said, it is nice to be surprised by the stamps etc.

For me it’s a little puzzling, as it doesn’t prove anything really, or not anything in that you will get what’s in the picture. Someone sent photo proof, without me asking for it, and my adress was written on a label, and the stamps were still loose. Very easily these can be removed.
But I did get my swap. I was just thinking, if I were suspicious, the photo wouldn’t make me feel any more sure or turn my head.

I can send, if someone asks, but until now I’ve never asked.
I like the little surprise as well, so I don’t need to see it beforehand.

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Oh thanks everybody for discussing this. For regular postcrossing I most often upload a picture of me holding the card infront of the US mail drop box. I have 3 little kids, my brain is frazzled and this is to confirm to myself that YES I DID mail the card out.
I’ve been keeping a notebook for tags but sending a picture of the card back in front of the drop box would be a good idea for me.