PENPAL SITES - Where can we find penpals/penfriends online?

Hello everyone!

Since we have a new Forum now, I thought I would start this thread and list penpal sites that are still operative in 2021. I appreciate if you keep checking the thread since I will be adding websites bit by bit. Thank you for your patience!

Most of the websites I knew are not active anymore/have closed down. I am still adding websites but it will take longer, though, as I am still searching. As of January, 4th 2021 there are 11 free of charge websites and 2 paying services listed.

1. Penpalling and Letters

:exclamation:We are hosting a Penpal Event now as it is the group’s 10th Anniversary (December, 2020)! The event is about giving an opportunity to everyone who is looking for penpals. You might have a chance to find your perfect penfriend while participating. Or maybe you are not looking at the moment but it happens that you find a great match, anyway.

I would like to tell you about a penpal/penfriend group I run together with some lovely people who are into snail-mail/letters for many years already (some of us were children when we started). It is a Facebook group called “Penpalling and Letters”.

This group is not just about posting penpal-ads only but also about getting to know each other in a deeper level through discussion threads. Sometimes we learn a lot about a person or receive a lot of information from who they are just by reading their replies or opinions about certain topics we don’t usually post in a penpal advertisement. Knowing people a bit before start writing rightaway allows us to choose wisely. Remember that not all of us are destined to get on well or click. It is a matter of patience finding/getting to know penpals you might connect with.

We also organize group events from time to time where members can exchange something in the mail: a postcard/themed-postcard, a bookmark, a magnet, stickers, tea… Something which is not very expensive but that fits the envelope…

If you’d be interested in joining us, just click the link that forwards you to the group. There aren’t any restrictions to join although you need to be older than 16 as we’re adults over there. You also should be genuinely interested in penpalling and the art of letter writing. Oh, and make sure you reply to the three questions that will pop up when you click join. That’s absolutely necessary.

2. Global Penfriends

I have met some long-lasting, like-minded friends in Global Penfriends, so it could work for you, too. Also, there is a safe messaging system to get in touch with people inside the website. Only when you feel 100% sure about sharing your postal address or your email addres, you could do so. Bear in mind this does not mean you have to search a lot. I had to!

Global Penfriends has paying features and unfortunately you might not be able to contact certain profiles, but you do not really need to pay to find penpals in this website.

They have several options depending on what people are looking for. They are: candy swap, e-pal, exchange holiday, language learning, mail art pal, parcel exchange, pocket letter pal, postcard pal, school teacher with students, snail mail pal or postal penpal, travel partner.

3. Maarten’s Snail Mail Pen Pals Online

This website is owned by Maarten Daams, a Dutch who lives in the USA. He married his penpal (her wife of 22 years now) and moved to another country because of her. The best feature in Maarten’s website is that penpals are listed by country, age and gender.

I have never got to write to anyone who announced her/himself over there, so I cannot give any personal opinion, but definitely, I have seen long, detailed ads over there in the past, so it is a matter of surfing the site carefully.

4. Interpals

This website is not only for finding postal penpals but there are other options like: language practice, meeting in person, just friends and flirting and romance. This last option, in my opinion, is detrimental to this website. It makes looking for honest, sincere penfriends much more difficult. Sadly, there are many spammers and people not genuinely interested in letter-writing in this site. However, do not give up. There are people interested in writing letters, too. It is a matter of searching and surfing the site. Maybe it will be time-consuming but if you find that special person to write letters to, it is worth it.

5. PenpalsNOW

This is another website that has been active for many years. I first remember using it in 2005. Just like the one above, it is necessary to surf carefully the website and have the time to do it as there is spam as well. You can find requests for both e-mail and snail-mail correspondents.

Cannot give any opinion about the sites listed below as I have never used them:

6. Sassociations

7. Penpal International

8. Penpal Party

9. Students of the World

10. Penfriend Club

Paying Services:

- International Pen Friends

- The Letter Exchange

Wish you good luck at finding sincere, long-lasting penfriendships!


Penpalooza is a fabulous community of penpals


The Postcrossing forum has been one of the better places to find penfriends.

I have tried various Facebook groups for finding penpals. There’s drama in some of them, as well as some cliques, but then some people do have success in finding penfriends.

Interpals isn’t as good as it has been in the past - the best thing about the site was that Postcrossing was mentioned in many profiles I came across in early 2008!

I have used Penpal International. Have had a little success there, more so than on Interpals.

Swap-Bot can be a good place to find penpals, as the system assigns people for you to write to (and receive from), for the letter writing things, not based on profiles/interests… The randomness perhaps helps.

The Postcrossing blog mentioned yonks ago (8?) A Month of Letters challenge - February snail mail frenzy and I’ve found some nice penpals through that site. Although as the admins/mods there are only human, be patient if only just signing up.

Along the same lines as A Month of Letters, there’s also INternational COrrespondence WRIting MOnth, InCoWriMo, also for February and that has been a good place to find some new people.

I have also found penfriends through a forum, A World of Snail Mail.


Thank you very much for this lovely topic and websites

I love this website, long time ago (about 15 years ago actually!) it helped me to find many good pen pals, and it grew into a real friendship, and we still keep in touch with these people!

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I would like to add to the list the platform Dudes Who Write, which I created a while ago.

It’s a global community of guys who enjoy corresponding with other guys concentrated in one place, since it’s not easy to spot us around at letter writing social events or online. :slight_smile:

Our goal is to make it easier for guys who love snail mail to find each other, to increase our visibility within the global snail-mail community, to share resources about anything postal, and to promote analog correspondence among fellow gentlemen.

The way our community works is pretty simple. Any guy who would like to find another guy to correspond with should do the following:

  1. Follow the accounts on Instagram and Facebook to be in the loop about what’s going on
  2. Post an intro/request as a comment on the latest post on the grid (Name, Location, Age, Intro, Preferences) in English and in any language in which he would like to correspond
  3. Wait for someone who reads his request to reach out
  4. Check the existing requests left by other guys on previous posts (such requests are also collected in the “Story Highlights” section under “Pen Pal Requests”) and directly reach out to them.

You can also read more about our platform here: