Parrots on postcards

Parrots on postcards

Broad-billed Mauritian parrot,

Bahama Parrot,

Crimson Rosella,


King Parrot,

Kea parrot,


Puerto Rican Amazon,

Red-Capped Parrot,

Red-winged Parrot,

Rainbow Lorikeet,

Scarlet Macaw,

Senegal Parrot,

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw,

Cuban Macaw,

Eastern Rosella,

Green Rosella,

Hyacinth Macaw,

Purple-crowned Lorikeet,

Red-and-green Macaw,

Fischer’s lovebird,

Lear’s Macaw,

red lory,

Elegant Parrots or Elegant Grass Parakeets,

Orange-bellied parrot,


Alexandrine parakeet, do you think so ?

Rose-ringed Parakeet, do you think so ?

Mindanao Lorikeet, do you think so ?

grey parrots,

your parrots may join in the grand event, put them together, so as not to be losted,

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I sent this Rosella in Travel Mode from Australia several times!

Mosaic in Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille


That is a galah, not rosella :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, it’s written Rosella!