Oversize cards. Yay/Nay?

I typically don’t like getting oversize cards, but only because of the storage issue. I never send them because of the cost, and because I figure that others have the same storage concerns.

Oh, I also am always concerned about whether they meet postal standards.

But now I’m rethinking it all, at least temporarily, because I sent a friend off on a quest for a special card that I figured would be easy to find where she was going, but I didn’t think to specify the size. She found exactly what I wanted, but in an oversized version. Ironic, as I think about it, that she is down in Texas, where everything is bigger-- and better! --right?!

Anyways, just curious what the general consensus is here on the forum.




Many wonderful cards come in oversize. In fact, it seems like it may be becoming the new standard. Careless on the part of American publishers, who aren’t paying the cost of the extra postage, but in alignment with American oversize preferences in restaurant portions, TVs, etc.

A few Postcrossers ask not to be sent oversize cards in their profiles, so I respect that when I see it; otherwise I don’t worry about it. Mostly I send the card that seems most appropriate for the recipient. If it’s an international card, the USPS doesn’t charge more. If it’s domestic, it is more than the postcard rate, but still less than the international rate. For people who are on a tight budget, they could save by sending only standard size cards within the States and save the oversized ones for international Postcrossers.


For me, due to overcost and storage complications, oversize postcard really need to be wonderful to be worth.

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I don’t mind oversized cards and don’t want to limit myself to standard size. The only part I don’t like when it’s only slightly off (like 3-5mm), but well… I have storage options for all sizes :wink: I don’t mind sending oversized ones as long as they are within our allowed boundaries, else only for special swap (as it’s a lot more expensive here).

Standard size for me is A6 format, so most American cards (at least tourist ones) are slightly oversized for me :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t mind sending and receiving bigger cards. i don’t keep my cards in folders so i don’t have a size problem. i started with folders once but i found out very quickly that’s not a good idea unless you’re creative (i’ve seen some wonderful things on this forum). i don’t wanna limit what kind of cards i receive because of such a non issue.

as for sending. in the netherlands we pay by weight, not by size (so envelope isn’t a problem either). so i send out quite a few bigger cards, unless profiles say that they don’t want them.


I really don’t like oversize cards. Unfortunately, many nations (Balkan States, Turkey, Southeast Asia) produce nothing but oversize. I put them aside (those that are mailed) and might sell them via eBay or auction. Unused cards I try toi swap, but there are few takers for them.

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Yay! I love oversized cards. Big pictures, easy to see; I like that there’s more room on the back for writing, and big postage stamps. But I also have a big American mailbox, unlike many folks in the world — so I can receive them without damage. For sending, though, I respect other people’s requests for standard sized if specified.

I still remember the stunning panoramic length train postcard I sent to Thailand that arrived and got folded 3 times and crumpled to fit in their mailbox.

And, yeah, every postcard available in the airport in Houston, Texas, was oversized. They told me, “everything’s bigger in Texas!”


I like many oversized postcards, although sometimes they can be a bit of trouble when I want to store them in a protective album and they’re too large to fit. Sometimes, they’re even too large to fit in the storage box I also use lol. In the end, I like them just as much as ‘normal’ sized postcards though. A bonus of larger postcards is of course that there’s more room to write and decorate!

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I like receiving oversize cards. There’s no storage issue for me. Actually, having a large variety of sizes and shapes feels exciting to me.

For where I live, the oversize cards are actually cheaper to buy than the standard size. They have some really great images on them and I’ve gotten a lot to send. However, I wouldn’t choose an oversize (or an undersize) card for someone who requests they only want standard size.

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I don’t like them, for the same reasons: storage and costs to send.
But I don’t mind cards which are a few cm over standard size.

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May I ask, what is the standard size of a card?

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Oh then all of the cards available here in Sri Lanka are oversized (7×5) means some people dislike them. I feel so bad as here the standard size is 7×5 and I have no option but send them even some profiles say don’t send oversized cards :disappointed_relieved:


I think there are still many, many people who would be so happy to have a postcard from Sri Lanka that they would overlook the size requirement. :blush:

I once sent a 5x7 card that perfectly matched a person’s profile, and didn’t notice they only wanted standard size until after it was stamped and addressed. But they were so happy to receive this perfect card that they actually changed their profile afterwards to accept any size card.


I like any size cards. I also accidently ordered some A4 cards I thought were normal sized :smirk: so I might arrange a swap with some since those might not be the type of card to spring on people :slightly_smiling_face:

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Imho the different is:

You have no choice because all cards of Sri Lanka are 7x5. So this is standard in your country. That’s totally fine :slight_smile:

But not only once I received cards in A5 (5x8) or even bigger, almost A4 (8x11), even from Germany or other European countries and sometimes also wrong postage. And if there’s, as an “extra goodie”, written “I don’t know what to do with such a big card so I sent it to you”, well…it’s nothing where I’m happy about.

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I prefer standard sized cards because that’s all I can fit in my albums. A larger card won’t be a disaster but it might mean I won’t keep it.

I like cards of all sizes and shapes.

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Whenever is possible, I’d like standard A6 cards: storage is one reason, but also for their appearance, big image not always means better card to me.

Ironically, the A6 cards are called “large size” :sweat_smile: to distinguish them from the former “small size” of 90x140 mm, common for older postcards.

As for shipment, Poste Italiane cares only about weight , size can be up to 245x165 mm, so if within 20g is ok.
It can be instead an issue if sending more cards in envelope: 20g means 3 A6 card, but with oversize it can mean only 2 cards.

I hope and I wish they would :heart:

I too spend quiet a lot of time to choose a card that perfectly match the profile, and Ive never thought that the size of the card matters. I only once got a profile say, “no oversized card” and without considering it I sent a card that matchs the wishlist. Because now only I know my cards are oversized :roll_eyes:.