Opinions on Shaped Cards?

I personally love unique shaped cards and own a few blank ones to send out to other Postcrossers! However, I’m not sure how everyone else feels about them. Do y’all like shaped cards? Do you only send them when someone explicitly says they like them?
Here are examples…

I’m curious for your input!


Shaped card are hard to store.
I would prefer normal rectangular ones. I’m a boring person. :wink:


I know that some prefer postcards that are standard sized because of storage issues. So they might not enjoy shaped cards either.

Personally I like getting shaped cards (and oversized cards).

Honestly, I think it’s OK to send shaped cards to everyone, unless they say that they prefer standard sized cards.


I usually send them to everyone unless they explicitly say they don’t like them, too. :blush: I only have two shaped ones but I also have a few wooden/cardboard ones or oversized ones. But, I have a postcard wall and not a binder or anything, so any size works for me!

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I loved shaped postcards. I have one in the shape of a bulldog and one in the shape of a mailbox. I love them both and hope for more.


I have a mailbox shaped one with a frog! The bulldog sounds sooo cute. My college mascot is a bulldog.


Wow I didnt even know shaped cards like that exist!
I think they look really nice and unique, I would be very happy about receiving something like that~
As others mentioned I guess for some people it would be troublesome to storage tho :thinking:


I love postcards with unique shapes and also with unique materials. I have a whole section for them in my collection. My favorite postcard from Oslo is round (I’m in the slow process of scanning my cards - will add it here once I do). I have never sent a non-standard shaped card to someone yet, but I’m sure I’ll see it on some daring PC’ers profile some day!


PS - does anyone in the US remember the old “accordion postcards”, where they are all folded together into a booklet that you stretch out? Some of my favorites from the 80s and 90s are like that. I saw one once in another country - do other countries still have those??


I have one! It’s from North Pole, Colorado. I’m waiting to send it, but I guess I have to wait til next year…

I love shaped postcards! They stand out :heart:


After I joined Postcrossing I found out that shaped cards are very popular, especially the Gotochi cards from Japan - you can find them on many wishlists here,
while on the other hand many Japanese Postcrossers clearly say that they’re not able to send these cards because they must be sent in an envelope (if sent to other countries than Japan) which makes it more expensive.
Nevertheless some people do send these cards, I also already got some. Other Asian countries have such similar cards, too.

My experience: I already received shaped cards from different countries, I’m happy to receive them,
but for me it’s also important to know if you can send such cards out.
So the tricky point is to find out what each country allows - for example: I read that Japan doesn’t allow to send shaped cards, even just cards with rounded corners, or lenticular (3-dimensional) cards without an envelope.

Also Germany doesn’t allow to send them without envelope (also not square cards), but you can receive them.
There is also a Round Robin group for exchanging shaped cards of different kind,
it would be interesting to know if there is a website that lists which kind of cards are allowed in every country - does anyone know such a website? Thank you


I think they’re fun!! I LOVE that Halloween one!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I only send shaped cards when they are mentioned in the profile

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I think they’re awesome and I have a few here to send, but I only send them if people specifically mention in their profile that they like them, or have favourited shaped cards on their wall.

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I know the sort you are talking about…and I’ve seen them here in Australia eons ago…but not recently.

Yes! They are awesome! :two_hearts: But I prefer without an envelope.

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Yes, such postcards existed in the USSR.

As for me, I like any types of cards. The only important things are interesting picture and the message.

I have a box of leaves; all different types from different trees. They are quite delicate. The is zero room on the Japanese Maple Leaf to write anything! I’m not going to use them as the post machines would eat them! But I would LOVE to get a shaped card. Very unique!

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As for me, I like it very much! But I always ask them before I sent it.

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