Online Meet Up, Based in Sweden 18 June 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Online
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Google Meet

:calendar: DATE: 18/6-22
:alarm_clock: TIME: 18.00 Swedish time
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We write postcard togheter through Google Meet. Spoken language: English. No meetup-card.


  1. emma010704
  2. ScandinavianTraveler
  3. balushkina



Please write me on the list - now, after my exams, I finally have time again for meetups :innocent:

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I wonder if I can get to this meeting if I’m from Russia?

Of course! Welcome! You just click on the link when thw meeting start.

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OMG, thank you. This is my first online meet-up postcrosser. Do I need to sign up for it? Add me)

I will add you to the participant list!

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Can I participate too? Thank you!

I will be happy to participate! Please write me on the list. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never been on a Sweden meet-up but I’ll love to join from Singapore if I am able to stay up.

I will attend too.

I am interested to join, but it might be for the best to mark me as “maybe”, because Saturdays are good days for yard work and horse training. I might be summoned to be elsewhere with a short notice.

Please put me on the maybe list. :slight_smile:

Sounds fun!I hope to join! Add me as Maybe.

I would also like to join please add me to the maybe list.

I would also like to attend. Can you put me into the maybe list too? Thank you

Don’t forget the meet up tonight! Just click on the link when the meeting start. :smile:


I won’t unfortunately be attending because I am recovering from my trip to Denmark & Sweden, got back home late yesterday evening. Wish you a nice meeting though. :postcrossing: :+1:t2:

I am pretty sure I will join, but if I don’t show up then I forgot and went running somewhere outside :sweat_smile:

Maybe the meetup will be a bit late. I wait for a train who is very late. I will update you!

I’m home and the meeting will be 18.00!!