Online map: old postcards

Hi everyone,

I hope no one posted it before and I overlooked the post (if I did I am sorry in advance), but I recently found this website by the Austrian National Library where you can look at old postcards based on a map:

I was of course mostly fascinated by my immediate living and work addresses, but I thought maybe someone else also enjoys diving into the past a bit as there are also quite some places outside of Austria and Europe :blush:

Would love to see which ones you like!

Here is one I like:

This street is now a big shopping street!


I like this postcard because I visited this place. :heart: :grinning:

Cool! :heart_eyes: I can’t stop looking for new places haha :smile:


This is an amazing link, danke!

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Wow! Great website!! Thanks for sharing :grinning:

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Agreed on all fronts: this is a wonderful site! (And it even has a US card of a place I’ve been to!)

Thanks for sharing!


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What an amazing site, thank you :heart_eyes:

Here’s a photo I love of the city where I was born, Pisa:
No Leaning Tower in this one :grin: but it’s interesting because all the bridges are different now - they were rebuilt after being destroyed in WWII.

And this is the main street of the city where I live now, Cagliari:
As you can imagine, there’s a lot more traffic nowadays :sweat_smile: but the plan is to close again the central part of the road to build a promenade - less traffic, more people strolling along the sea :blush:

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Wow :open_mouth:
This is awesome!
Thank you for sharing @rabena_corvus !
I think you just earned a historical photocard from my hometown :slight_smile:
PM me your address if you are interested…

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These kind of maps are great! I also created one to put all my postcards of churches and Christian buildings. For now I do not have many of them around the world but I have several hundred to add for France. I like to “walk” from point to point to admire these different architectures.

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This is really cool and interesting - thank you for sharing! :heart_eyes:

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Oh wow, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That is too kind, I will send you a PM! :smile:

Where did you create your map? I would like one too.

Just on google : My Map

But I think there has to be a better tool


Yes, I also use my map to track my cards but I also feel it is definitely not the most conveining way to do it :smiling_face_with_tear::sweat_smile:

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Very very cool site, thank you for sharing!

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