"Online Connection & Elation" August-December 2023

#20 reporting for December
Received #9 and #20

Thank you @Amalan for a very cute Christmas card. I had a really nice Christmas and celebrated with family and my sons. My cookie boxes that I made were a success and we all enjoyed gumbo for Christmas lunch. :slight_smile: How cool that you’re working on a sleeve too. I started way too young at 17 and never stopped. It’s funny to see how my style has changed through tattoos. No regrets though… they tell a story. :heart:

and @carried_away, thank you for such a cool vintage card of the public library in Denver. Such a beautiful card and Denver is one of my favorite cities. I wish I could live there! I can just see my corgi playing in the snow too. The high today here is 63 lol Hope you had a lovely Christmas!


#3 reporting arrivals for December
#9 @Amalan Amanda, thank you for this beautiful card. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your Texas family. Where will you be next year, or don’t you know yet? (Military life, right? Been there. Done that. Glad it’s over.)

#30 @risabell96 Marisa, Thank you for this Christmas tree scene. :christmas_tree: I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

To receive: 5, 7, 20, 29


No worries! I’m glad you caught it! I’ve made similar mistakes before as it was easier to print from my email than the forum messages…so I would usually just have the first post before anyone had a chance to chime in their address changes etc. Glad it was missing names and not that your card is stuck in postal limbo! :slight_smile:

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LOVE the story about playing mini golf in Pigeon Forge/bear adventure! I shared it with my hubby and he loved it too! I will always think of that now every time we go! :joy: hope you had a wonderful Christmas my friend!

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#22 reporting for Dec.

#1 @ReadWithMelissa LOVEEEEEE the little kawaii winer hat your drew :heart_eyes: SO CUTE!

#7 @PrincessFlamingo sent a vintage reprint. No new adventures for 2024 yet. Hopefully hubby and I will get to travel to Seattle or Montana.

#9 @Amalan sent a Christmas ornament (you can see the photographer in one of the ornaments, haha!) Hope you get to visit one day.

#17 @Tracy-CO sent a Christmas candy cane.
How was your granddaughters bday?! I love your tradition you do on her anniversary! How sweet!

#19 @Sherri_B sent a vintage Santa Christmas card. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too.

#21 @carried_away vintage lithograph. Haha not staying warm. It was 8° today :grimacing::cold_face:. When it’s too cold we play lots of board games, go walking at a really nice indoor mall that has a furniture store and a couple other stores. It’s known for indoor walking. Eat lol. Watch movies, hang out with friends, library and book stores, thrifting. If yours an outdoors person then there are tons of fun activities to do. I am not. Especially with a 7 month old lol. It’s too cold most days for the baby but summer is coming and I will be outside every single day it’s warm out. :heart_eyes:

#25 @TwoDoggies sent a cute hedgehog card! :heart_eyes:Thank you! Your weekly get together sounds wonderful! I hope to have that some day :smiling_face: coffee sounds good right about now lol.

Not sure what I have left to receive, if any. So sorry. I have literally dropped the ball this month. :sleepy: Hoping to be back in the group in Feb! :smiling_face: I hope everyone has a wonderful New years.


Hi gals! For the new year we are starting a new thread for OC&E Jan '24. If you would like to join please follow this link and comment!

This thread will still be open for reporting of all August-December 2023 cards.


Awesome thank you @ReadWithMelissa :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also if y’all have received any HUG cards we’d like to keep that 2023 tally too!


No worries! You’re doing great, especially since it’s a holiday month. Looks like you’re just waiting on: 2, 5, 7, 20, 30

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#13 reporting in. Today I received 9,19, and 25

9.) @Amalan Such pretty ornaments!
We don’t really have any set traditions for Christmas other than I usually end up working! I guess the closest thing we have is that we’re all really bad at waiting to give each other gifts and usually end up giving each other small gifts for the week or so leading up before it.

19.) @Sherri_B - “Didn’t you expect me?”
My mom called this the “sweet boy” card when she handed it to me and I can see why. It’s an absolutely adorable card. Thank you!

25.) @TwoDoggies - Devil Doll
This is easily one of the weirdest cards I’ve gotten and I am absolutely in love with how strange it is. Mom called the card Sherri sent me the “sweet boy” card and this one the “What the heck is that?!” card. 10/10! Thank you! Also that poor guy! That’s crazy that it took that long to get help but I’m glad he was okay!


#2 reporting!

#30 @risabell96 - thank you for the Christmas card! I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

#11 @smsurrena - thank you for the pretty NYC card! I’ve never been and I hope to go one day. My Disney trip was so much fun! The weather was perfect, 60-70 degrees the entire time. Much more bearable than the heat and humidity in FL :sweat_smile: I hope you had a merry Christmas!


Just want to say that I’ve gotten a lot of cards that I need to sort and report. I’ve got Covid, and I haven’t been able to do it yet. But I will 🩷


Oh no, thanks for letting us know, please rest up and know there’s lots of grace in this group. Hope you csn get on the mend soon! :pray:


Oh no! Sending you light and love. You’re the fourth person I know who has covid this week. :grimacing:


Starting the new year with a fresh topic, so if you haven’t had a chance to hop over and join, here’s the link…only 7 slots left!


Oh that’s a bummer! Hope you feel better soon!


@ReadWithMelissa @LLAcademy
Hey girls! Here’s my latest check in. Happy New Year!
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Hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday! Mine was filled with family, fun, and food and I’m still recovering. lol Luckily it will be slow the next few days. Happy New Year to you all!

#1 @ReadWithMelissa Thank you the Christmas Pageant card! Happiest of New Years to you friend!
#9 @Amalan Thanks for the cute pinecone snowmen! I love your Christmas Eve pj’s tradition and your Christmas Day games in pj’s tradition. We do the pj’s and normally lounge all day on Christmas but my family was here so it was not a laid back day at all. lol Happy New Year!
#15 @GraceFamily Thank you for the “snow much fun” card! I love that you crocheted it! I’ve tried to learn how to do that but I’ve not had much success. Happy New Year!
#19 @Sherri_B Thanks for the vintage Christmas wishes - so pretty! Happy New Year!
#25 @TwoDoggies Thank you for the blue Star Wars card! It’s awesome! I love all the blue on the back too. I just got a postcard album book for Christmas and I’ve put all my blue and green cards in it. This will definitely be going in the album! Happy New Year!


#18 hazygirl reporting - awesomeness abounds!

#1 @ReadWithMelissa sent a cute Christmas girl who looks like my Aunt! Love the stocking on the back.
#5 @Tayler sent an adorable Christmas card. Love this!
#9 @Amalan sent a fun Christmas gingerbread tree with Bokeh lighting which is one of my favorite photography techniques!!
#19 @Sherri_B sent a vintage Christmas card, I think Santa may be the Grinch in disguise. It looks like he’s stealing thta elf off the tree!
#30 @risabell96 sent what could be the Christmas coffee mate to @Amalan card. More Bokeh lighting! Bokeh-apalooza!!! YAY


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To receive: 5

Thank you all SO much for such a wonderful December mailbox full of joy and happiness and laughs! I am so grateful to be a part of this group!

#6 @sarabb: Sara, what a gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright home!! Thank you so much. I love MCM and this card is SO perfect for me! Loved the story on the card as well, thank you for sharing!

#7 @PrincessFlamingo: Joy, thank you for this awesome vintage card from The Nichols-Wanton-Hunter House! I love this setting and all the cool antique furniture! Perfect pick for me, thank you.

#8 @JoBo27: Joan, I love this winter card and adorable foxes! Such cute stickers and washi tape also!! Such a cool sugar cookie tradition, I wish I had that skill! I hope you had a terrific Christmas full of good company, laughs, yummy food and drink.

#9 @Amalan: Amanda, thank you for this gorgeous Christmas postcard! What a cute setting. I also love your adorable stickers and washi tape, thank you!

#12 @AllAboutTheBooks: Carlene, I love this adorable Christmas card! The colors are gorgeous and I love the washi tape as well! My favorite Christmas movie is Jingle all the Way or Christmas Vacation. What a cool idea, I’ve never heard of a Christmas movie advent calendar, love that!! Which one is your favorite? Hope you had an amazing Christmas!

#14 @darlindanz: Joanie, I absolutely adore this vintage Christmas card! Thank you so much for these awesome stamps as well! So thoughtful!! Only seas this year, no snow, but I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather and the gorgeous breeze. Hope you are having a most wonderful holiday season!

#15 @GraceFamily: Hi Grace Family! Love this adorable crochet card! Adorable stickers as well, thank you so much!! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

#16 @clandysaws: Eena, I love this precious card! I hope you are having a marvelous holiday season! Thanks so much.

#17 @Tracy-CO: Tracy, I love the vintage look of these ornaments! So dreamy!! So great that you’re traveling, I hope that you’ve had a wonderful holiday season so far!!!

#18 @Hazygirl: JoAnn, SUCH a cute gingerbread house!! That’s my decor theme for this year, love it so much! Love the adorable stickers as well, thanks so much.

#19 @Sherri_B: Sherri, this Alaska card is SOOOO darling! The little Husky puppy is absolutely adorable! Thank you so so much! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

#21 @carried_away: Carrie, thanks for this lovely Christmas scene! The weather is cooling down nicely this week and I’m loving it! Although I must admit, you know a FL girl dreams of a snowy Christmas, I’m a little jealous! Just hanging at home for the holidays, we always have family over here. YES, I love Christmas Town at BG! SO festive! They still do it, but this year we did Universal Grinchmas, so much fun too!

#25 @TwoDoggies: Terri, thank you for adding to my Loupaper collection!! Love this Arizona design! So awesome that you grew up in Treasure Island, I was born in St. Pete and lived there through my 20s, now moved north just a bit with my hubby. We have family in VA too, we just visited last February. So gorgeous up there too! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far.

#30 @risabell96: Marisa, thanks for this adorable Christmas wrapping card! It looks a bit like my bed did on Christmas Eve full of wrapping paper and packages to wrap. My hubby does all the wrapping in our house and I “help” :joy:. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas and Happy New Year!!


#23 Reporting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(#7) @PrincessFlamingo Thank you for this great vintage coffee card! No big plans for 2024, except maybe another road trip this summer, but it’s gonna be a lot of beans and rice between now and then if we want to make that happen lol What about you?

(#9) @Amalan LOVE this vintage Santa on a rocking horse! You are so sweet and thoughtful, even your sticker choices are great! Which board games do y’all love? I picked up Azul when I saw it was all the rage here, but after watching the how to play videos with the kids, I returned it lol I think it’ll be great in 5 years, for now Taco vs Burrito is what we picked up for Christmas game. School wise, maybe I’ll write you a letter since I’m taking a break in January. Happy New Year!

(#15) @GraceFamily Thank you for this bonus card! I’m not sure if you sent it the same day as the other, but it only arrived yesterday! I swear you really could open an etsy with these awesome designs, you are so talented! Not like you have anything on your plate right now :stuck_out_tongue: As for Christmas morning, we might eat breakfast first, we might not, but we do make sure we don’t go crazy with the gifts. Mess is fine, but we try to make sure we open one at a time, or similar gifts at a time. This year we tried the no labels, just everyone gets their own wrapping paper with a small wrapped gift in their stocking revealing which print belongs to who…and it was really fun! Considering doing the same with fabric in the future. Thanks again, love the stamps and decor. Happy New Year!

(#17) @Tracy-CO Thanks for this North Pole card! We’ve never been but decided to pass on our last trip for a couple reasons, mostly because we know the actors who play Mrs. Claus and Santa. They are great and were gonna give us the VIP service, but I think it would have been hard for our little ones to not accidentally blow their cover lol I didn’t realize Norad was so close, I heard that their tracking of Santa began as a typo! Lol LOVE the little gnome sticker and decorations. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

(#21) @carried_away Thank you so much for this lovely vintage church card! Of course y’all have snow now, we were really hoping to have a bit of the winter wonderland experience on our trip but not so much haha It snowed the day after we left haha. Living in VT as a kid I know it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be though. I saw a trailer for the new Hunger Games, it’s supposed to be a prequel right? Looks really cool but I haven’t read or watched it yet. I"ll have to add it to our ever growing watch/read list haha

(#30) @risabell96 Thanks for the snowmen and gift card! :slight_smile: Love your cute stickers and decor, we had a Merry Christmas, looking forward to New Years too. We like to do a mini countdown, where we pop balloons with little activity ideas every 30 min starting at 7 till 9…and do the countdown with another timezone lol The kids go to sleep and we usually do too, but if we’re still up we look outside to watch the neighborhood fireworks.

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