"One postcrosser wrote this" credits due

I’ve read this on many profiles, maybe you have too:

One postcrosser wrote this and I think it is so true!!Its not about receiving and collecting cards - its about sharing a part of yourself with the world. Influencing people and leaving your mark in a place you may not ever get to visit. Its about connecting. Its putting a smile on a face you never get to meet.
It makes my day better

First 2 or 3 times I didn’t think much about it, a part that it’s a great quote, but the more I see this quote on different profiles, the more I think the user who wrote it should be credited, so I came to ask:
-does someone know who wrote it for the first time?
Let’s find out!!


Hi Luciana,

Very well put, could be very close to the true spirit of post’x’ing; but then different people, different perceptions.
Thanks for sharing.

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It’s attributed to “Kelly, USA” on the “Postcrossing Love” page, I’m sure admins know which Kelly this is :upside_down_face:


Maybe I have a bad day, but for me personally this paragraph is a bit … much. So I hope this does not get enshrined as the one and only new postcrossing commandment.

Of course, if anybody likes it/feels like this, enjoy.

Different perceptions, same fun.


I like the last sentence (“It makes my day better”), but if we’re picking favourites I prefer the one with “collecting smiles” - I have quoted that one on occasion! :smile:

For me Postcrossing is both connecting and collecting. One doesn’t exclude the other at all. And one more thing: who said that I collect postcards, not people? :wink:


I have never read this before, nor seen it quoted in a profile yet.
Thanks for sharing the link @KAS, I was able to read more of these.

I agree, Stefan, well said.

Yes, indeed, to each their own.

I love postcards and the connection. I love the image on the card, and the card itself, the stamp(s), the handwritten message, the whole process of sending and receiving mail. All of it. Simple and joyful.

We each have have our own approach and reactions to our Postcrossing experience.

I don’t want my expressed reaction here to offend anyone, that is not my intention. At first I wrote a much longer reply, but I am not feel comfortable sharing it right now. Maybe I’ll add more later.

This will always be true though.


I totally agree, it’s all about communication with person whom we might nevereet so why we can’t be more happy Sending them cards?

And I don’t want to share part of myself with the world. I don’t want to influence people. I don’t want to leave my mark anywhere.
Maybe it’s not meant so literally, but those to me sound like a task :smile:

But I agree with that it makes my day better.


It is not new (at least I’ve read this or similar the first time some years ago).
But for a lot of people it is about connecting etc. and they put it in their profile because they think and act like this. You don’t have to follow or agree but to “fear” a “one and only commandment” seems a bit exaggerated to me :sweat_smile:

For me Postcrossing is a bit of all: connecting, collection, having fun, meeting new people, making friends…

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@KAS i definitely agree about making my day better too! There is just something about opening my mailbox and seeing handwritten cards and notes that makes me happy. :grinning:

Thanks! I still couldn’t find it browsing,( there’re a lot of entries!) But now I know where to look for!! :wink::+1:

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I am still new, but, for me, it’s a combination of connecting with people and remembering there’s more that connects us than divides us, the postcards because I am a visual person & I love art and learning, and about hopefully cheering up someone’s day!

My dad collected/received QSL cards from being a ham radio operator. The postcards for me is similar, and in a weird way reminds me of my dad and his cards (that I now also collect) and there’s a connection to my dad who passed in 2020. I like thinking about him connecting to people all over the world for his lifetime, and me connecting with people all over the world through postcards. You may never know why Postcard exchanges are meaningful to people.

It can be all of those things at once, but I think the spirit of what the quote is saying is true - remember to appreciate the person behind the post card and maybe not *only care about the cards/stamps.


I think that both the postcards and the sentiments on them are important. I know sometimes I connect much more with the picture on the front than the message and other times the message is the thing that shines.


Hit Ctrl +F and search for “Kelly, USA” :innocent:

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We already have a topic where we discuss about “connecting, not collecting” and I would like to move the posts that fit better into this topic.
But since it’s a bit difficult to keep the two apart, I’d like to move all the posts there.

@cleopatra-matta , you have now got the answer to your question.
Do you agree if I move the entire topic to Connecting, not collecting ?

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@Bille i think we could just close this topic here, I couldn’t find how to do it. I have the answers so there’s no need to keep it anymore. Thank you

But if for any reason you cannot close it, I have no problems transferring it to the other topic

Thanks again

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