One more postcrosser from Germany - little newspaper article

Recently I read a little article in our local newspaper about someone writing/receiving a postcard since many years - it was considered a very rare thing happening. So I emailed them a little bit … and this article is what they made of it:

It’s in German though … because it’s the local newspaper in Kiel.

I try translation (with ):

“Old-fashioned - not at all!
For Kielius, the postcard has long been a relic of the past. So he was all the more surprised when he recently found a card in his mailbox. He wrote about it in this space - and assumed, in view of his experience, that the postcard was no longer trendy. But far from it! Because afterwards Kielius learned from a reader that there is even an active postcard community in Kiel. Postcrossing is the name of the hobby that has many followers not only in Kiel, but all over the world. More than 800,000 members from 206 countries have peacefully networked worldwide and send each other postcards - to complete strangers. Almost half a million postcards are sent around the world every month. So Kielius was way off the mark - and vows to do better: he’s now trying out Postcrossing, too. So the next postcard sent from Kiel to Brazil will probably come from Kielius.”


I just can’t stop smiling :slight_smile: Another postcrosser from Kiel :slight_smile: A hearty ‘Moin’ from another ‘Kieler Sprotte’ :wink: I must have somehow missed the article in the news. Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks! :smiley::+1::postbox:

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:grinning: Moin! :grinning:
… and we are not the only 2 …

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Would you please also tell about that in the #communities:german-deutsch ? :arrow_right: [INFO] Postcrossing in Presse und TV


Thank you for sharing this heartwarming article!

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This is brilliant! :tada: Well done @ChocCrossie for seizing the opportunity at the right time and spreading the word!



I am so glad you did this!
AND you brought to us a new member:)

Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:

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