Olympic-themed stamps

I didn’t think Norway had any Olympic stamps, except for Lillehammer, but apparently we do:







And they’re quite nice! I assume the last ones were drawn by children? :heart_eyes:

It didn’t specifically say, but I assume so. Their names were just posted like any other artist’s, I think.

Beijing 2022 stamp printed in a postcard

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For those who might be interested, the original Lillehammer 94 stamps are now on sale on a commemorative envelope, with a special cancellation only available on this envelope.

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I have way too many Olympic stamps that never seem to go away. I use them during the games and if a member lists a sports interest, but most have a low value so it’s hard to use them up


I’ve bought some for the occasion. They’re way better than in the picture, the golden parts are shiny :sparkles:


Hello everyone! :smiley:
This is a stamp from China about the 33rd Olympiad. A set of two, with the themes of swimming and rock climbing. Face value 1.2 Chinese yuan each.

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Switzerland issued stamps for the Olympic Summer Games 2024 with a value of 1.20 CHF each. That’s just right for sending a speedy (mail A) postcard inside Switzerland.


Åland will issue a stamp to commemorate one of Åland’s first sports star Frej Liewendahl who made his Olympic debut in Paris in 1924. The value is Inrikes (Domestic), enough to send a card to mainland Finland.

Åland issued also a Beijing Olympic stamp in 2008. The value is Världen (The World), outside Europe/rest of the world.

Finland doesn’t seem to issue so many Olympic-themed stamps. :thinking:

There is one from 2007 that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

And this special stamp issued in 2014 shortly after Sami Jauhojärvi and Iivo Niskanen winning gold in men’s team sprint. I remember buying them. :slight_smile:


2024 Olympic surfing venue is in Tahiti, so Fare Rata will issue a stamp as well.


I just realized I sent these from 2004 and 2008 Olympics and they are both round shape

Here is the Paris 2024 stamps will be issued by Hong Kong Post on 26 July 2024.



Love it!

While we’re at it, there are also few sets that have been released by La Poste this year that are worth mentionning in this thread.

This one starring the mascot, a personification of a type of hat that became famous during the Roman Empire as it was given to slaves who were freed. Many centuries later it became a symbol of liberty during the French Revolution :

One set representing medals, gold, silver and bronze with a special varnish that gives them a metallic look. The real medals of Paris 2024 are quite different and include an original piece of the Eiffel tower :

Finally this one that is supposed to be about the Olympic Torch Relay but is all about its final destination… Paris.


These stamps are all amazing :star_struck:
Will the medals stamps use like a normal stamp (for postcards) or they are special, only for collection?

You can definitly use them as regular stamps to send international mail from France, they’re just more expensive than any regular ones. While the price of an international stamp is nowadays fixed at 1,96 € here, the set of three medals is sold at 10 €.


Thank you again, @weini_smile!

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Slovenian ones:

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