OFFER: Makoto Muramatsu(a Japanese illustrator)'s cat & dog cards

I’d love to swap Makoto Muramatsu’s cats and dogs illustrated cards with any cards in my wishlist which you can see in my official profile page.
Here are what I offer - 4 cats’ and 14 dogs’ cards:
Makoto Muramatsu’s cats and dogs illustrated postcards | Flickr
Just choose one card from my album and let me know its number like dog1.
One card per person!
I’ll send it written, stamped, and sent. Not in an envelope.
I want you to do the same with your card.
Thank you and I hope to receive awesome cards from you! :two_hearts:

- cat all four cards
- dog 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


I have bird postcards and some of the best stamps in Taiwan

Thank you for your interest.
Sure, please send me a message telling me which card you want, and your address, too.
Have a good night!

I would love dog14. I have a beautiful blue jay postcard I’ll send.

Hi, I would love dog10. I can send you a great postcard of a Canadian Mountie.

hello! i’d love cat4 if you want to trade.
i have pandora by john waterhouse (postcard).

Hi! I love cat #2 with the seagull and I can offer you either Eutin castle or Bräutigamseiche. An oak used as a mail box for love letters for more than 130 years (with German description).


Hi there … I would love to swap with you!! My favourite card from your album is Dog11 :slight_smile:

I can offer you various art postcards from a few galleries across Europe. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you, and I can send some photos of them!

Thank you for your offers. :smiley:
Please send me your name and address, @poetess, @agnexia, @Trenker, and @bengabriel!!!

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I would like to swap a postcard with you. Happy dog9.
I come from the south of Germany and can send you a postcard from my hometown,
it’s an island in a lake.
Contact me if you are interested.
best regards


Anyone else? :thinking: