[Offer] Guardians of the Galaxy movie postcards * [Request] Favs

Hi everyone!

Trying to clear some cards so that they could go to better homes so here I am! :star:

I have a few Guardians of the Galaxy movie postcards (1 copy each) and would like to swap for anything in my PC Favs or Flickr Favs. Cards new to my collections are welcome too! Snoopy | Lantern Press Night View/Skyline | NI Multiples | Red Poppy | Little My | Chip & Dale | Hugh Jackman | Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke

Please drop me a comment if you would like to swap! Do check that you’re able to receive mail from Singapore before commenting! Thank you! =)

April 1st: Both movie posters and Star Lord are taken! :milky_way:
April 9th: Groot is taken! :evergreen_tree:


I will send you PM in a minute

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First card in the album is taken! :star:

Do you still have the 2 movie posters ?
I have some NI Multiples or Red Poppies.

@duam78 Hello! I only have the Galaxy 2 postcard available now!

Can we swap for this one ?
I will show you my offers this evening after work.

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Sure thing, will keep that for you! Have a good day at work! :star:

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sorry for the late anser
here are the cards I can offer you

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Sending a PM.

do you still have grout available.? he is so cute, I would love to swap

@Superchick3 Hi! Apologies for the late reply. Yes, Groot is still available so could you drop me a DM with your offers if you’re still interested to swap? Thank you! :sunflower:

I would love groot. I have some cool metro postcards. They are new so I will take pictures later to show you. Do you have any other cards avaliable?

Groot card has been taken (Superchick3) and so I’m only left with Drax and Mantis postcards! Thank you!

Hey do you still have any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy postcards left?
Or some of the Hugh Jackman?

Hello @SmadarAfek ! As mentioned in my reply before your post, I only have Drax and Mantis character postcards left! Thanks!

I would love to exchange some postcards with you … What kind would you like in return?

@SmadarAfek I’m afraid postal services to your country is suspended here at the moment. So sorry!!