[OFFER] For RR Hosts

Hello Fellow Hosts,

Let’s help each other spread the word about our RRs!

For any RR Host that gives a shout out about Weird RR :upside_down_face: - NEW and/or Get To Know You RR, I will also shout out their RR in mine. PLUS I will host a specialty group dedicated to your RR.

Just post a comment in your RR letting your group members know about either or both of the above and tag me in your post!

Let’s help each other build up the mini communities we’ve built in our respective RRs.



Cool collaborative idea! :thinking:
Great way to introduce newcomers to other unique Postcrossing opportunities whereby than could receive more postcards while waiting for the algorithm to catch up to their enthusiasm. :wink: .

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Thank you! I’m glad you think so!