OFFER: Covid FDCs and Stamps

Hello everyone!

I’ve ended up with a few doubles in my collection and would be happy to swap the following for other covid-related items to add to my collection. :blush:


Northern Cyprus Covid FDC (2020)

Kyrgyzstan Chess FDC (2020) - the even was moved online because of the pandemic

Moldova Florence Nightingale FDC (2020) - the post office added a surcharge to raise funds for the pandemic


Moldova Florence Nightingale (2020) - same as above

Moldova Covid Sheet (2021)

Malta Covid Issue (2020) - set of three

Transnistria Covid Doctors Sheet (2020)

Will be mailing from Austria. Feel free to comment your offers or drop me a message.

Stay safe!

Current my offer of covid postcards: OFFER: Covid Cards

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Hi Jonathan,

I would love to exchange following FDC’s

Northern Cyprus,
Chess from Kyrgyzstan
Moldova Nightingale

In return, I can send you

(rare in local langauge)

For each of the cards, I shall use covid stamps as well.
please confirm

Best regards

Happy to swap any of the postcards above for other postcards.

Covid-19 Warriors MS

Are you interested in any of the above?

Are you interested in these?