Offer: Coins/Banknotes

Got some USA quarters. I need just 8 state quarters to complete the series and my National park quarters need a big boost. Hope postcrossers especially from the USA will help me with a swap to finish both the series soon.

Got some Euros too and update my blog with all these coins.


PM Sent

Got few Ethiopian old coins, will upload them to my blog soon.

Got Canadian coins. Updated my blog with Ethiopian and Canadian coins.

Got some more coins from friends today, will upload them in my blog soon.

Thanks a lot friends, my collection is growing leaps and bounds.


Today I added some Pakistan old coins to my collection :slight_smile: :smiley:

Reached another milestone of 60 countries in my coin collection :smile: :dancer: :man_dancing: :dancer: :man_dancing:.

Good old French coins added to my collection :smile:

80’s Singapore Coins added to my collection :smiley: Bigggg 1 dollar coin is my favourite.

And added Yugoslavian recession time notes to my collection :smiley:

Some old French beauties of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s added to my collection :smile:

I think this week is an old beauty week for my collection.

Got some UK old beauties will update later today.

UK old beauties updated.

I got offers for US state quarters from kind hearted friends from USA, Hopefully I will complete the series once the swap materials reaches me.

Now, I am looking for my missing US National park quarters.


I can offer you either banknotes or coins from the UAE if you would like.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you, friends, for all your support, I have reached 50 swaps after joining this new forum in cards, miniature sheets, coins, and banknotes exchange. Out of them, 32 reached both sides, 11 are new swaps, waiting to take the flight. I have replied to all of your messages, if I have missed any of your messages please forgive me, it is not intentional, please let me know once again.

Will add more stamps, cards, coins and banknotes for swap in the coming week.


Got many variants of Canadian coins. How many portraits of Queen Elizabeth portrayed in Canadian coins!!! The detailed engravings. Amazing!!!

Updated my blog with 1 Croatian note and a Kenyan coin. Earlier I was having Dinar from Croatia, now Kuna is added to my collection.

Pm sent

Today is a great day for me, I got some US State quarters from US friends. Except 2 states, I have completed collecting all the 48 states with their quarters.

Now time to concentrate on National park quarters, DC and territory quarters and the missing state quarter Mints.


Coins USSR for trade.