OFFER: Alaska cards! [US to US]

I visited Alaska twice last year and bought way too many postcards. I’m trying to reduce the size of my stash and would love to send Alaska cards to anyone in the US who’d like one. Great opportunity to get a rare-ish state if you’re collecting them!

Please note that since I don’t live in Alaska (hence visiting), these cards will not have an Alaskan postmark.

Send me a message if you’d like one, and I can get something in the mail for you this week! Thanks for helping me cull the herd!



Absolutely, my pleasure. I can have something in the mail to you this afternoon if you can send over that US address. :slight_smile:

thank you

I have addressed this card, if you want to delete your address from a public comment. :slight_smile:

I love Alaska! Thank you I would love a pc!

Yes, please!

PM sent