[OFFER] 10 Unwritten Vintage Cards

Hello Postcard Friends!

I have a fair few Vintage/Retro cards that have seen better days. They are either yellowed, stained, or have some writing (but not fully written) from a previous owner. With the exception of the slight damages, all cards are still good to trade, they’re just not new cards. Examples of damages are shown in the image below.

I’d love to send these cards to a good home in exchange for any unwritten cards. The cards have already been sorted into envelopes with 5 vintage/retro cards in each, however, I will absolutely send multiples of 5 if requested in one envelope.

OFFER: 10 Unwritten Slightly Damaged Vintage/Retro Card


REQUEST: 2 Any Unwritten Card

Please send any unwritten card, but if you’d like an idea of my interested please visit my profile.


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Hello! I’d be happy to exchange with you! Sending a PM)

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I enjoy surprises, so have sent you a PM. :rainbow:

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