Odd Shaped Postcards - How do you send them?

oh wow, everyday you learn something new!
I’m sure if I try, they’d just end up sitting in the post office :slight_smile: until someone throws it out. But odd postcards do get delivered! That’s a good thing!

I just saw this and was wondering… is this actually possible to send?!

I just ended a lottery for these wooden surfboard postcards. I will be sending them out with extra postage and hoping they arrive!


Yes, all postcards must be of a minimum size for Canada Post. The minimum dimensions are 140mm x 90mm.

I’m not sure what happens if your card is a bit smaller than the size required by a few millimetres though.

I purchased some odd-shaped postcards and they came much smaller than I anticipated, so I am mailing them out in envelopes or sticking them on the back of other postcards to ensure that they will make it through Canada.

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I have sent odd shaped cards from Australia with and without envelopes. The cost is no different. I am always worried if they will arrive due to their shape. The ones I have put in envelopes, th e sender has requested this. And on another occasion the card had sharp edges that I thought could get caught in a sorting machine.

Both sent without envelopes.

This one I put in an envelope, I thought the pointy bits at the top could get ripped off.


Square cards must be sent in envelope.

Or look here:

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Those are so cool! I didn’t know these existed too! I remember reading it somewhere that bottles and coconuts can be mailed in the US like a postcard (as in stick stamps and address on it and mail!).

Wow . That makes sense then!

I think if they go through a machine, it might cause an issue but if postal officers are stamping them, probably not.

To me that doesn’t make it very clear, but I’m willing to believe you - I never send square cards anyway, so I never really bothered to find out their postage. :wink:

Oh, you don’t have to believe me, that’s up to you.
And maybe this makes it more clear for you…

I received square card from Germany without envelope. The sender, which is an active forum member, used €3.70 stamps. I was shocked seeing the stamps when I received the card. Very expensive :sweat_smile:

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In Indonesia you can send shaped card with normal postage and without envelope as long as the weight is not more than 20 grams

I sent twice for postcrossing official and many times for tags and RRs

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Yes, unfortunately it’s really expensive.
If you send a so-called “Maxi-Brief” which can be up to 1,000 g you have to pay 7 € for international mail. From 1,000 to 2,000 g 17 €. And - you can only send documents, no goodies like tea bags etc. (of course you can try but if Deutsche Post suspects there could be other things but documents they’ll return the letter to you).

I stopped sending square or odd shaped postcards outside Germany in official Postcrossing (or send them in envelope but only cards who fit in a standard size envelope). It’s sad but in that case I prefer to send such cards better to member of RR or other forum members I know from RR or swaps.


I didn’t know that, but I sent a postcard to Poland that arrived with normal international stamp (95 Cent).
Maybe I was just lucky :grin: Now that I know, it would be too much of a risk to send them without envelope.

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Inside/From Finland you can send every sized and shaped postcards without envelope with the same amount of postage, as long as it is under 20 grams in internationally and under 50 grams in domestic mail.

But of course it is possible to use envelope, to protect cards for sorting machines. No difference of postage then.

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Actually, the NonMachinable stamp alone is valid for one ounce of non machinable domestic letter size mail (88 cents). For international, the same piece of mail would be $1.60 ($1.30 plus non machinable surcharge of 30 cents) so the HK card was overpaid.

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You are correct. However, I’ve encountered such a wide range of misininformed postal employees that I throw excess postage on as a sort of karmic insurance (no offense to postal workers, there’s a lot of info to know and I’m not sure the training covers some of the more unusual situations). There’s a whole thread of people being incorrectly told a wooden postcard is a “package” and has to go at package rates.


In Poland, you can send shaped cards as well as much larger than standard cards for the same price as while sending normal card. The same for this price we can send an envelope of any size stuffed with something, but it must be up to 50 grams. Above this weight, the different ranges begin and the price rises. So it’s all about weight, not shape here (but only when it comes to shipments abroad, because there are already some restrictions on envelopes size in domestic mail). The minimum is 90 x 140 mm, but I have never measured anything and I have never tried to send anything smaller than a standard size of the card.

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I was wondering if anyone has sent a crossword-puzzle postcard? I have seen a couple of vintage ones at a local charity shop and was thinking of getting them, but I am a bit stumped about how to send them. (They are sealed in cellophane) I think I would have to put them whole into an envelope, as otherwise how would they not come apart in transit? Still, I think it’s a fun idea…!

Wow! this is an amazing postcard! I would like this very much! she is exclusive.