October 22 and 23, 50 years Unesco meetup weekend in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

@piavano, @ItsDunnies and @Melelo I’ll put you on the waitinglist. It’s still some time to go, so keep your fingers crossed that you will be able to join. Otherwise I will try to plan another group in november.

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Such a good idea!
I’d love to join. Can I please join in Rotterdam in October?
And if possible, I’d like to be put on the waiting list for Amsterdam.

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I would love to join Rotterdam. Thank you

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Please count me in for Rotterdam on 23 october , it is full, I,d like to be on the waiting list for Rotterdam Please,

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Hello, please sign me up for Rotterdam :pray:

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I would like to join you in Rotterdam :slight_smile:

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I would like to join the meeting in Rotterdam, please

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So far all the last entries for Rotterdam are on the list.

From now on there will be a waitinglist.


Just in time :heart:

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Can you put me on the waitlinglist for Rotterdam please?

Can you add me to the waiting list for Rotterdam? I have been wanting to visit the van Nelle factory for a long time. A pity that I didn’t see this announcement earlier.

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can you put me on a waiting list for Rotterdam!

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Can you please do a separate announcement for each meeting. We are unable to list 2 meetings together on the calendar.

Postcrossing Team

Sorry, I don’t know how to change that at this moment. I don’t have a computer, I do everything on my phone. Is it okay when I try to change it next wednesday when I’m with another postcrosser whose helping me with these meetings and more capable in using computers?

Hello Maria, I like to join the meeting in Amsterdam. Please put me on the waitinglist.

Not a problem. There is plenty of time to adjust the details etc.

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Hallo Maria,
Kan ik ook op de reservelijst voor Rotterdam.

Groetjes van Maria.

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Je staat erbij

Dank je, ik hoor het wel.

Please don’t react in this topic anymore.

If you signed up or have interest for the Amsterdam meeting, check here : Unesco Meeting Amsterdam 22-10-2022 - 12.00h GMT

For Rotterdam, check here : Unesco Meeting Rotterdam 23-10-2022 - 10.45h GMT