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#15 reporting for July

Received from #24 @kat4544 Thank you for the very cool card!


Hello everyone! So happy to be back for July!

Reporting for # 11 that all cards will be in the mail tomorrow 07/11/2024❤️

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I have a March update - I am so embarrassed and sorry that these cards got mixed up in another box! Great cards #13 Volvomom received for March are:

#14 @darlindanz - Adorable! A Charlie Brown card from the museum in California. This statue is just the cutest! Thanks for the great stamps, too!

#15 @JoBo27 - This series is new to me - Warrior Queens. The one you sent, Yaa Asantewaa, from Ghana, is stunning!

#17 @SusanWilson - I would so love to take a day trip to the World of Coca Cola! Just seeing this card makes me want one!

#19 @jordynb - Ooh! One of the female scientist cards! I always love reading these!

Thank you again, and so sorry about the huge delay!


Hello friends! I have a handful of cards to report, #6.

#3 @MsKoby Thank you Ellisa for the great Denali postcard and sweet message. Hoping you have been able to find a few moments of rest and relaxation in the midst of farm duties. My summer always ends up crazy busy too, even though work tends to not be as pressing. I try to take long weekends whenever possible to unwind. And write postcards! :hearts:
#7 @PrincessFlamingo Thank you Joy for the Salt Lake postcard. That snow looks really inviting on these 90+ degree days. You asked what is my favorite card I have ever received… that is a hard one because I have so many that are amazing! People are so good about matching likes and interests. It is very rare that I get a card that I don’t like. :smiley:
#12 @AllAboutTheBooks Thank you Carlene for the awesome birthday card! I love it! I am also reading The Women; should be done with it in the next few days. Kristen Hannah is hit-or-miss with me and I am still not sure about this one. I liked the first half of it, but the second is dragging a little bit. Also rereading Book Lovers. The rom-com is balancing out the Hannah book. :smiley:
#21 @carried_away Thank you Carrie for the very cool Marlin dorsal fin. They are amazing. I have a friend who fishes them- and releases. So cool you got to go to a meetup. I am thinking about trying to get one organized for western PA… along with the 500 other things I have to do! :woman_shrugging:
Received for June: ALL


All July cards are sent and on their way from me, #21 :love_letter:

June received cards:

#4 @speechlady99 I love this hen, I have the same one in my stash and never send it because he’s so cute. haha

#14 @darlindanz LOVE this vintage Leadville, CO card. The fact is still true today; the highest incorporated town. I have been there and it is super cute town.

#12 @AllAboutTheBooks This hot air balloon card is soo pretty. Hope you are surviving the heat. It is supposed to be really warm here compared to what temps we normally stay at.

July received cards:

#24 @kat4544 Hey Katie, I love this grumpy sunshine cat. I hope we both can make the Ft Collins meetup too!

#25 @sarahgrab1 I’m in love with this alien postcard. It’s so fun with all their different faces! Safe travels to MO and enjoy!

#15 @traceyk Cats do heal your heart or make you crazy zooming at midnight around the house! haha. I love how you decorated the back of the card. I’m in my thriller era of reading right now!

#18 @Hazygirl I have never been in a hot air balloon - I’m scared of heights! I grew up going to the Spiedie Fest in Binghamton, NY and that is when I fell in love with hot air balloons.

#6 @sarabb Purple flowers make me happy when I check my mailbox. I hope you are having fun with all your summer plans and reading poolside. Enjoy!

#17 @hjbcats Hannah, thank you for the hot air balloons. I’m glad you enjoyed your outwest trip!


#17 reporting for July!

Received #23 @LLAcademy

Thanks for the lovely Ohio deer card. We get to drive through there to get to the beach this weekend!


Hello friends, #6 here reporting four cards for July.

#15 @traceyk Thank you Tracey for the moon kitty postcard. I have a few books going right now, including one that is about the making of The Princess Bride. It is really good! :princess:
#18 @Hazygirl Thank you JoAnn for the St. Barths postcard. Yes, I would love being on a beach like that all the time. Love the beach-themed washi with the crab. :beach_umbrella:
#22 @SarahWithCats_ Thank you Sarah for the wonderful birthday postcard! We had a great 4th and my birthday was a lot of fun. We visited an historical site that had reenactors of the early 1800s. There was period music and a Liberty Pole (kind of like a May Pole only patriotic). :blush:
#25 @sarahgrab1 Thank you Sarah for the beautiful woman with the flamingos and the 4th of July stickers. We had a wonderful day visiting the museum, having hotdogs and then seeing the fireworks. :fireworks:

Received for July: 15, 18, 22, 25


Any fellow teacher/teacher families? Would love to see your wishlists for this upcoming school year!

My mom also has a wishlist for her science classroom this year for some basic supplies and lab supplies.


5 reporting for JULY

#19 @jordynb -Thanks for the cute butterfly card! We kept it lowkey for the fourth this year and just had a bonfire and a few small fireworks for my two kiddos! It was nice!
#6 @sarabb - Love the pink card!! Got any fun plans for while you’re visiting VA?
#25 @sarahgrab1 - What a cute lovely owl family card! Safe travels!
#22 @SarahWithCats_ - My in laws were both mail carriers, I’ll have to show them your card, they will love it!
#15 @traceyk - Lovely card, but even lovelier decor on the back!!! I’m trying to get into decorating more on the backside, but yours is amazing!
#24 @kat4544 -Thanks for the food card! No traditions on the fourth for us. Every year we seem to do something different!
#18 @Hazygirl - Cabbage!! I laughed so hard when I got this! What an interesting thing to be on a postcard huh? You made my day! Thanks for sending!!


#20 reporting for June & July :love_letter:

June: received all except #4
July: received 5, 6, 15, 17, 18, 19, 24


#14 @darlindanz: Joanie, thank you for this great vintage card from The Mimslyn Hotel near Shenandoah National Park! I would have LOVED to go during its prime! I would just roam around for hours and take it all in!

#12 @AllAboutTheBooks: Carlene, I love this one!! The photo features a bridesmaids’ dinner from 1905. I would have totally been enjoying a drink with the girls in style too!


#5 @Imhowl: Leslie, this vintage inspired card is totally gorg!! My last (and best!) cruise was with my husband this past January for our 10th wedding anniversary. We went to Aruba (lost my sunglasses there on our first port!), Haiti, and Curacao. We also had about 3 days at sea. It was amazing! We did an excursion at each port, but my fave was riding in a semi-submarine and seeing all the gorgeous fish!

#6 @sarabb: Sara, thanks for this gorgeous colorful floral card! Weekend excursions are so much fun, hope you’re having a great summer so far!

#15 @traceyk: Tracey, this illustrated card is absolutely perfect!! Thank you! How cool that you went to Arches Natl Park! It always looks so breathtaking in pictures! Thank you for these lovely vintage stamps as well!

#17 @hjbcats: Hannah, I love this precious illustrated hedgehog card! It is so CUTE!! Thank you for the old stamps as well!! I didn’t yet have these ones. :slight_smile:

#18 @Hazygirl: JoAnn, this summer squish mallows card is too cute, thank you! We are definitely in our rainy season too down here! I can’t say we didn’t need it, but the storms can be a bit rough at times!

#19 @jordynb: Jordyn, this Wild Turkey card is great, thank you! Lakefest sounds cool!! Our fur babies are also not fans of the fireworks, but summer events are always so much fun.

#24 @kat4544: Katie, this Godfather card is great!! I saw it and said “I’m going to give him an offer he can’t refuse.” :laughing: The post office gave it a little scuff, but this is a great movie poster! Love the classics. Definitely put it on your bucket list! My family used to watch it and have an Italian feast night.


#24 reporting.
#5 @Imhowl love this vintage card of the Phelps house. And that fox sticker is adorable!!

#15 @traceyk love meetup cards! I’m going to my first on in August. Super excited. Also your decorations are so great!

#19 @jordynb thank you for the greenery card. I hope your dogs made it through the fireworks unscathed.


#3 reporting arrivals
#10 @pixxi88 Kelsi, your postcard took the long way 'round, but it arrived! It sounds like a fun museum.

All cards received for May

#5 @Imhowl Thank you, Leslie, for this colorful card. I look forward to hearing about your birthday trip.

#6 @sarabb I love these Merimekko cards, Sara. Such beautiful colors and patterns. They’d make great fabrics! It sounds like you have quite a busy and enjoyable month of July planned! :purple_heart:

#19 @jordynb How was lakefest? I’m glad you and Dad went to see the car show. I’m glad you got him away from the TV!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thanks for the Henry Ford Museum card. When we lived there, we had annual membership and we’d go several times a month.

#22 @SarahWithCats_ Sarah, I was so close to going to that meet up. Thanks for the postcard. I am really thinking we need a regional OC&E meetup. There’s so many of us around here!

Received: 5, 6, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25


#15 reporting for July:

Thank you so much #19 @jordynb for the great Atlanta card! I’ve never been there, but would love to visit someday.


Jenz88 reporting for JUNE 2024… my last 2 little stragglers came in!
#14 & #12
All cards have now been received for June 2024!

Looking forward to getting back in for the August RR!!

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#20 updating for July:

Sending cards 1-8 out tomorrow.
Still to send: 9-25

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#17 reporting for July!!

Received #19 @jordynb lovely skylark card!

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#18 Hazygirl reporting for July

#3 @MsKoby Sent the Bluebird Café. This was on my list of places to go when I was in Nashville, but we didn’t make it there

#19 @jordynb Sent the Snow Hare From one of my favorite sets. We haven’t gotten to Mammoth Cave yet we’re going next month

#24 @kat4544 Sent three very young students from Hogwarts. It is amazing how long ago the first movie came out. I like Deathly Hallows the best It gives everything nice closure.


If you plan to do any of the cave tours, buy your tickets ASAP. They sell out weeks in advance for the good tours. You can buy them on the official website. There are also several other caves in the area that are great. If you want specifics, DM me. :purple_heart:

Wow! That took a loooong time. I’m so glad it got to you!

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I’m a kindergarten teacher! :heart:

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