NYC: where to get both stamps for use and used stamps

Hello to Newyorkers and New York frequent visitors.
I’m traveling to NYC in a couple weeks and I need your knowledge.
I’ve already visited all the forum posts about stationary and where to buy postcards (I’ll add them here just in case someone is like me).

But I need some extra information that I can’t find as specific as I want it.

First, I need some stamps. I know I can buy them at the post office and I imagine, as it happens with big cities, that NYC will have some big post offices with a good offer. I want to know if it is possible to buy stamps that are not the Forever USA and the Global USA on regular post offices (a big city one).
And if you know if I need to be at a special queue for stamps, as many post offices in other countries separate customers so the parcels go one place and the regular mail has another queue. Basically, all the basic stuff plus any tip&trick that you may have when you go to the post office.
I’ve also seen that it is common inn the US to have stamp rolls. For the low denomination ones, it is possible to buy them without a roll (I read once somewhere in the forum that the 2c Lemons are only possible to buy if you buy a roll of 100 of them). I’m interested in the 1c Tiffany lamp stamp. I’ve seen there are rolls. I don’t even know if that one is still avaliable for purchase at regular post offices.

And, my second question. I am also looking for regular used stamps. I know there are places that sell them online but I’m looking for in-person shops. I don’t want any collector rarity stamp. Just, normal used ones for decoration. I imagine there must be someone selling them on flea markets… is that correct?
If so, where and when do you usually go? I plan on visiting the Chelsea flea market, if that helps.
I’m looking for regular used stamps in big number for a cheap price.

I hope I’m not asking for a lot. Thank you in advance.

Hello…I hope you have a nice trip here. The answer to your question about postcards may also apply to new/used stamps. While New York City has a large number of stores selling tourist type postcards, especially around Times Square, if you are looking for variety of viewcards, you won’t find them in retail stores unfortunately. Most of this business has moved online.

Regarding buying stamps that are not “Forever” stamps, again most dealers sell online. On occasion, dealers who exhibit at shows sometimes sell Unused stamps @ face value. For example, a show I am going to on Sunday …a couple of dealers have unused stamps for sale. Regarding US used commemoratives, these dealers are almost always online. As far as I am aware, there is only ONE retail stamp dealer in New York City. As a result of the Pandemic, they no longer allow walk-in customers.

I would like to give you some possible solutions to your needs:
► Regarding postcards, you might like to visit my online store. I offer postcards from a variety of states:

► I will be setting up a Stamps Lottery later today for an assortment of 50 State Flags

Again, have a wonderful trip here…

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How exciting! I hope some of this info helps:

If you have your hotel booked, you can find the closest post office based on the address/ZIP.

You’ll want to pay attention to “Retail Hours” – that’s when postal clerks are available to sell you stamps.

You should be able to get the $1 stamp and <10-cent stamps. But if you’re talking about commemorative stamps that are not Forevers, the answer is no. All first-class stamps have been Forevers for a long time, and the post office only sells “current” stamps.

Someone else can correct me, but you’ll stand in one combined queue.

Yes, the 10c Pear, 5c Grapes, 4c Blueberries, 3c Silver Coffeepot, 2c Navajo Necklace, and 1c Tiffany Lamps are available in 20-count sheets. And they are available at the post office, though inventory may be inconsistent.

Since you have a few weeks before your trip, one possibility is to order online from and have it shipped to your hotel. That way you can guarantee exactly what you want without having to go to multiple branches. If you go this route, know that Holiday Elves, Webb Telescope, and Pony Cars are at preorder stage. They will not ship until after the release date. It’d be unfortunate if they arrive after you’ve already left for home!


if you are going to nyc and be there during the week (not weekend), send your postcards from the united nations post office. they have all different kind of postage stamps that can be only used at their post office in new york city. to get into the united nations, you must first go to their visitor office and pass thru their id processing office. you will need your passport and i believe a covid test will be required - not sure if that is still required so inquire on their website. then bring your postcard already written but no stamps and go thru that process, then will be screen again thru security and say you want the post office. they will direct you and then look at all the different stamps. you can view what you wish to buy at their unpo website
good luck and i am sure the receivers from your postcards will thank you for using the unpo stamps.
about post cards, i remember before the pandemic, lots of shops along lexington street sold postcards really cheap. one place sold 20 postcards for $1. but do not know that situation after the pandemic.


Stamp selection at US post offices is hit or miss, and I say that as a lifelong collector. Usually there will be at least some current commemoratives (they are all Forever rate but you can use them in combination to meet other rates such as international) and whatever low denomination (1,2,3, cent etc.) and high denomination ($1 and up) stamps they choose to stock. So you may have to visit several post offices to get what you want.

Generally you wait in the same queue as any other service for stamps though some offices still divide it up. If in doubt ask before you waste your time. I would also suggest you make a list of what you want beforehand and hand that to the clerk. Asking to see the stamps available right then and there is guaranteed to get the ire of both the clerk and anyone behind you in high volume city post offices. Some offices will have a public display for you to look at to see what stamps are available before you queue up.

Old stamps? It used to be that the major stamp dealers were on Nassau Street in downtown Manhattan, but as already mentioned in the forum they are probably all gone. This used to be collector’s row and often they would sell you cheap stamps to use for postage (though you may have to buy at least USD 50 at a time). I haven’t shopped there since the 1990’s.

Museum gift shops are great for high quality postcards at good prices, but the selection may not be what it used to be. If you are visiting a museum be sure to check out the gift shop. Bookstores sometimes have them too. Sadly you will have to do a bit of searching to find any postcards these days. NEVER buy cards from those tourist traps such as you might find along Fifth Avenue or Times Square in Manhattan. I mean those ones that have their vitrines piled high with luggage, electronics, cameras, and whatnot, and have glaring flashy signs and lights and claiming to sell anything imaginable. Locals know to just keep walking and don’t even slow down because you could easily get suckered in. No, they won’t hurt you, but you will likely leave without your money nevertheless. Well, oftentimes they will put some postcards and other reasonably priced items out front to draw in unsuspecting tourists.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your trip!

Wild-card idea:
Buy some USPS stamp lots via Ebay and get it sent to your hotel or place of accommodation.

If you click on that link, I’m sure you’ll get other ‘product’ selections/suggestions.

There was also a post in another thread that addressed the eBay search:

Have a wonderful time in NYC! Good Luck!

I found this thread looking for something else and I realize it is old, but I wanted to add for anyone searching in the future:
-5th Avenue between/around Bryant Park and the Empire State Building has many shops selling postcards, and some actually do have good quality cards
-7th Avenue between 47th and 51st streets, especially on the west side of 7th Avenue
-I personally recommend the post office at 909 3rd Avenue, which is spacious and modernist unlike most of the other facilities in the city.

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