[NOT A BUG] TIME ZONES: Wrong "sent" date

Hello! I’m hyped to be sending postcards on World Postcard Day - 1st of October, but I ran into a problem. I clicked on the “send a postcard” button on the 1st of October (today, local time - New Zealand) but the Postcrossing site shows the send date as 30th of September. I did this for three postcards, all on the same day (1st of October) hours apart but all show the send date as 30th of September. The country I provided on Postcrossing is the same as the local timezone. With the postcards I sent prior to this date, I never ran into this discrepancy.

According to the blog post titled “Less than a week until World Postcard Day”, " if you send a postcard during October 1st in the timezone of your account’s location, it’ll be counted for the badge. That should make it easier: just draw addresses during your October 1st, and when one of those postcards arrives, the badge will show up on your profile!". I was looking forward to getting the badge when the postcards arrive but if the sent date shows 30th September, it means I won’t be able to get the badge when the postcards arrive at their destinations. I realize I can send another postcard with my one remaining slot but I’m not sure if I want to risk it. Would someone please help with this issue, or let me know the “main” timezone of this site (if there is one)? Any suggestions or advice are welcome as well. Thank you!

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Don’t worry! You will get the badge if you requested the address in your own timezone’s October 1st, even if the date shown on the postcard page is still 30 September.

The dates we show on the website are all in UTC — changing that would be too complicated, so we’re not going to change them just for today… but these postcards will still count towards the badge!

Happy World Postcard Day, and enjoy the day! :partying_face:


I see! Thank you for replying to my post. Hope you’re enjoying the World Postcard Day as well :blush:

I kept 3 empty slots for WPD. Just after the counter said “today it’s WPD…” I sent thje first one - checked travelling - and the date is still 30 Sep. An hour later (a few minutes ago) I used the second slot - and it still shows 30th Sep… When should I choose the last address? Can it be corrected?


It’s fine apparently, despite the date on the sent grid - read this explanation below - everyone will get their badges

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Check Mundoo’s reply a little higher up. The website is in UTC, but as long as you requested the card in your own time zone when it was October first, it’ll be okay

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