[NOT A BUG] Row limitation per post?

Is there a limit of rows in a post?

I’m experiencing problems in the completed groups section of my RR.
The latest entries are shown in the editor, but not in the thread. I’ve saved multiple times, deleted some rows of the beginning of the thread (20 rows) and refreshed the page several times. What is even worse: it also mixes up the entries and tries to add numbers on its own! :poop: :wink:

Right now there are 70 rows in this post. Please see screenshot:

And here’s a link to the post:

thanks for your help!

Everything looking like a list, will be turned into an automatically formatted list. That’s the reason for the new numbering.

Adding a backslash will avoid this behaviour.

1\. One
2\. Two

worked fine!!! :heart:

Thanks so much, @Cassiopheia! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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