[NOT A BUG] Different users see different Post #s

This is something I’ve noticed in the Handmade RR - I post images in our Galleries daily, and refer to them by the post number I see when hovering over the date in the message thread. But other users have said that their post numbers are different - mine might be 999, while for another user it’s 993.
Could you look into this? Thanks!

Hi @Artbat, I was wondering since when you noticed this behaviour?

@paulo did an update of the forum 2 days ago

So.I was wondering whether this could be related

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Hi - first noticed on or about December 10, 2021. Meant to report it but we got sidetracked. Came up again in conversation this morning.

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We could collect some data. Post 999 for me in the handmade RR is from Nadjafee:

Post number 993 is from artbat

@taebbig - Those are now the same as mine! But earlier:

And this morning, Monika2019’s 993 was my 999.

Also, and this is a completely separate thing, what is a “500 error”? I get them sometimes when I try to upload cards in older gallery posts.

I was thinking at first that Monika2019 referred to the sequential number of post (on the blue square). If we use “jump to” - function with 993, it takes us to the “blue 993”. That number can change, if posts get deleted or moved. (It counts the number of existing posts in a topic).

That post is actually post number 999 as the system gives consecutive numbers to posts, which do not change, even if other posts would be deleted. (I prefer to use that, because it is not always clear, which blue number belongs to which post).

But it seems to be Taebbig and you both use the consecutive numbers by the system. If they have been different for you two, that is really weird.

Edit: I checked the post you discussed in December. That post is system number 6011, but blue number 5968, so I think the confusion was due the different numbering used.

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That could be it! I almost never use the jump system, except to get to the Galleries for editing. If I look for a particular card I always scroll. Thanks, makes sense!

Edit to add - Boy, I’m glad I used the system numbers and not the blue numbers in the Galleries!


Without looking very closely into the specifics or the code, I believe @Kanerva is correct about this.

One thing is the order of the post as they are currently being displayed on a topic for navigation purposes, which is always from 1 to the number of posts on the topic.

But because intermediate posts can be deleted/removed, each post has a so called post number that referrers to the order they were originally posted on the topic — that number doesn’t change even if a previous post is deleted/removed. That’s how linking to a specific post can still work, because the link referrers to that specific post number (it’s the last number on the URL), which isn’t necessarily the one that may display on the scrollbar when looking at it.

When there’s differences between the post number (as given by the share button) and the number on the scrollbar, it’s probably because previous posts were deleted/removed, so the post number (the sequential number that never changes) doesn’t match the posts order as they are currently being displayed.

One last detail to be aware of: the number given by the scrollbar could potentially (although rare) show differently to different people: if the topic has a post that only one of the persons can see (for example, they deleted their own post but it’s still on the 24h period where they can undeleted it), then the scrollbar may show that there’s one more post being displayed than it is to other people.

In short, to link/refer to a specific post, use the URL given on the share widget — not the number on the scrollbar, as that can be different, depending on how many posts are (currently) being displayed.