No “Hurray!” message received?

Hi, first of all, I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section. However, I’m pretty sure that this is a bug!! Please help me out, because I’m a little bit worried :sweat_smile:

I sent out this postcard back in August, and it took it so long to be registered. Actually, I was sure that it was lost, until I checked my sent postcards today and noticed that it was registered more than 10 days ago! I checked my mailbox and I’ve received no “thank you” message whatsoever. I’m not saying that she didn’t write anything – I actually didn’t even receive the “Hurray!” email!

I’m worried because I contacted a few people through Postcrossing in the last few weeks (mainly penpals), and it was puzzling to me because I didn’t receive any reply from them. I simply thought that they were busy. Maybe I just stopped receiving emails from the site altogether, and all that’s been sent to me is in a limbo somewhere?

If this might help you, I’m currently inactive – however, I didn’t know that being inactive entails not being able to receive emails! Please help this desperate soul over here :laughing:


You should get a hurray e-mail when a postcard is registered. Even if the receiver doesn’t write anything. And even if you are inactive.

Have you checked your spam folder? The hurray message and other messages from members might be there. If not, there might be a problem related to your e-mail provider.

Maybe the information in this FAQ can help you?


I’ve already checked my spam folder… There are no emails from Postcrossing there! Moreover, I’m using Gmail, and the storage isn’t full! (I have 29% of my 15 GB storage left…)

I also checked the Postcrossing website to see if I’ve accidentally remove or changed my email address, but it’s still the same!

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Guys, I checked again, and I do have some emails from as recently as November, 13th… Which means that I do get emails from Postcrossing! (Those were some “Hurray!” messages I wrote and wanted to have a copy of…)

Do you have any idea what it might be?

Some time ago, this happened to all Hotmail addresses. Something had changed at Hotmail in the background, that made it reject all emails from postcrossing, something like that.
But it is quite unlikely for it to happen to Gmail I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:
If it’s something similar, we’ll hear from other Gmail users soon. I think to solve that, Postcrossing had to get in touch with Hotmail directly!

Some other options might be…
Of course you know how you use your Gmail, but could it be that some settings have changed (like with an update) and now the messages you “lost” are buried within some conversation? (I personally cannot stand conversation mode :joy:).
If it is only the Hurray message being lost, could it be that you accidentally deleted it? :woman_shrugging:t2: I know it’s unlikely to not even notice it’s there, but life is unpredictable :face_with_monocle:

If this were the case, I could easily find the “Hurray!” email by simply looking up the word “hurray” or the postcard ID in my inbox! I already tried doing that, but the message is nowhere to be found, unfortunately.

I had the same thought! However, when I delete an email (even if I did it accidentally), it always ends up in the trash folder… I checked it, and it’s not there either! Which is extremely weird at this point.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s happening. Is a bug like this one common? I’ll contact the person that registered my postcard, and I’ll see if I get a reply…

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I had the same situation a while ago. Sometimes Hurray message really don’t come, but this happens very rarely, I thought there was some kind of failure


Just want to mention situations where receivers can’t reply with a message: when they change their address (because of a mistake in their address or they’re moving) and wanted Postcrossing to register all incoming postcards.

But I think in this case you receive a “hurray message” from Postcrossing saying that the system registered for the user. Recently I got one similar to that - but in my case the receiver had closed his account.


I remember, I had to move to Gmail for a while and because I’m a bit crazy with organizing all messages and folders it messed up all my system :sweat_smile: but then it was fixed and now everything is in the right place again :blush:

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Most of the times when this happens, is due to email issues.

However, there’s at least one exception: sometimes postcards are manually registered by the Postcrossing team — this may be, for example, to help a receiver who had problems with their address.

To avoid this, we have just made some changes so that in these cases an email still goes out to the sender to inform that the postcard was registered by Postcrossing.


As @Angelicca said, in this case I’d still receive an email from Postcrossing! I’ve got such an email once, and that was because the account in question was deleted. (Very grateful for that, as the postcard had been travelling for months already, and I’m still sure that it was lost instead!)

Wow Paulo, thank you! Maybe it’s this? The user had 37 sent postcards, and only 7 registered. 10 postcards travelling to her were all registered on the same day – some of them had been travelling since March 2020 (a US → US card took 240 days to reach her, kinda sus…). I guess you just manually registered them?

It is quite possible, from the looks of it (several registered on the same day).

If you really need a confirmation on this, please get in touch through the contact form on the main website and we might be able to check.

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So, an update on this whole situation if you guys are curious.

I filled out the contact form on the main site and Ana got back with a very kind email explaining that, indeed, the postcards have been registered manually by the staff. What happened with the sender was that she submitted the wrong address (or she had other problems with the post office – I’m not too sure about that), so many of her cards were lost. Thus, she asked for help and Postcrossing registered the cards that were travelling to her.

I believe that now the system also notifies the senders with a generic email, as Ana told me. If it ever happens to you in the future, you should receive an email! So case closed :wink:


It happend to me today.
An expired card was finally registered after 174 days. And the recipient registered a total of 129 postcards today!
But I didn’t get any Hurray-Message or notification about this.

Edit: I sent a message to the PC team.

I had the same thing happen some time ago. A member had asked the PC team to register all cards on the way to him. I only noticed that my card to him was registered because it appeared on my wall. My guess is that if many cards get registered automatically, maybe at some point not all senders get an email?


Thanks for sharing the story.
The Postcrossing team got back to me and it really was the same as with you.
They want to implement an automated message for the sender but it seems they didn’t get around to it yet.

I’m happy the card was registered after all :blush:


Hello there,
i currently have the same problem since one or two weeks now.
My postcards are being registered, but I don’t get a “Hurray” email about it.
The only way i notice the registration is that my traveling postcards are getting less. And of course the cards appear on the wall.
I also checked the spam folder, no postcrossing mails, and the storage space is not full either.

This is weird… a bug?
Is it possible to register a postcard without sending a message to the sender?

It is possible to not write a message when registering a postcard. But the sender will still get an email which says that the postcard has arrived.


Changed my e-mail address in my profile now. Let’s wait and see whether it works.
Changed from to

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